Follow this linkWhen you donate $1 to WIRES online
only 2ยข goes to care for our native animals...

98% is wasted on administration.

Is that what you want your money spent on?

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Follow this linkMembers are concerned about the wasted
donations and WIRES neglect of animals but
they're too scared to speak out. If they do?
They'll lose their licence.

Help them get better care for native animals.

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WIRES Volunteers - Broke & Leaving

broke and leavingMembership is plummeting.

Over the last few years WIRES volunteers have been resigning in disgust. Some estimates reckon WIRES has lost nearly 50% of its membership. Something is very wrong.

Find out why the members are leaving

Write the minister

NSW Environment Minister - Paul SpeakmanGive Minister Speakman the message


WIRES' board should be behind bars