Wasted Money & Missing Money!

WIRES does not want anyone to know how it spends the donations it receives. For the last year WIRES has refused to release its annual report to the members, the donors or to you.

reformwires.com obtained a copy of their official financial return and a copy of their confidential "Administration Office" profit and loss ledger. From it you can see what WIRES does not want you to know.

WIRES Financial Return - Dept. of Fair Trading (Download pdf - 3MB)

WIRES Administration Office confidential Profit/Loss Ledger






100% of all on-line donations and donations from postal appeals go directly to the Administration Office.

The Administration Office spends 70% of all funds WIRES raises each year.

Almost none of that money goes to rehabilitating native animals.

The local volunteers in the branches pay nearly all the animal care costs (including vet bills).

Branches spend only 21% of all money coming into WIRES. The local volunteers raise nearly all of this money through local fund-raising (cake-stalls, donation tins, etc.)


So how does WIRES Administration Office spend that 70%? 



60% or $1,061,000.00 goes on paid Administration Office staff.

Only 2% or $41,000 is spent on helping volunteers pay for the rehabilitation of our native animals.

WIRES spends 4%, double what they spend on animal care, on committee meetings, board members' meals, travel and accommodation.

The WIRES Board reports to the WIRES State Council made up of representatives from all the branches. In July 2011 the WIRES Board told the State Council that Administration Office had spent $1,492,529. But their official return shows they spent $1,799,277. 

That means that $307,000.00 is unaccounted for. What did the Administration Office spend this money on?



How to donate to WIRES safely.

  • If you are going to donate to WIRES, do NOT donate on-line.
  • Only use the form below and post in your donation.
  • Force WIRES to spend your donation on caring for sick and injured Australian wildlife and not on themselves by directing it to your local branch and by instructing WIRES not to waste it.

 WIRES Branch Donation Form

You can help.

Send the NSW Environment Minister the message using our on-line letter - it takes 10 seconds!



WIRES Volunteers - Broke & Leaving

broke and leavingMembership is plummeting.

Over the last few years WIRES volunteers have been resigning in disgust. Some estimates reckon WIRES has lost nearly 50% of its membership. Something is very wrong.

Find out why the members are leaving