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When wildlife rehabilitators started talking of democracy on a members only discussion board, WIRES shut it down. You have a right to discuss important issues concerning volunteering and animal care without fear of reprisals.

Do as I say, Not as I do!

rwsqIn NSW it is a requirement of the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) and National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) that all licence holders for wildlife keep accurate records for native animals that come into their care. In recent months the OEH and NPWS has been ruthlessly auditing wildlife groups and disciplining some for breaches of their responsibilities. WIRES has been exempt from these audits. While within WIRES it is quite common for the Board to threaten members with disciplinary action for not adhering to WIRES’ rules and for breaching OEH and NPWS codes.

This is an odd thing. WIRES is the largest wildlife rescue group in NSW (they claim) and the most professional (they claim). However, from evidence presented to rw, they are also the biggest offender when it comes to breaching their licence, and yet the OEH and NPWS will not audit them. This evidence presented to rw also shows that within WIRES, while the Board members threaten others for breaches, Board members themselves are doing the same or worse. The OEH appears to be turning a blind eye to WIRES misconduct, while members of the WIRES Board hide themselves away from scrutiny.


Kurnell Allegations – Part 2

rwsqNo explanation has ever been given by the Board for not following the WIRES Constitution and polices when it pursued its members. At no stage did the Board tell those members and the BMC which were being investigated, of the allegations it was investigating, and give them the opportunity to answer what was being alleged. There would not have been the outrage had the WIRES Constitution been followed as members would have had the protection of the WIRES Constitution clause 2.16 (c) which is based on the principles of natural justice; that any person subject to an allegation has a right to know what its substance is and to respond to it. This is a basic right everyone has in this country but the Board of WIRES at the time set out on a path which circumvented, not only its own constitution and policies, but any sense of fair dealing with its members.


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FREE SPEECH says it all

WIRES won't let their members speak about what really goes on. FREE SPEECH is where you can say what you want anonymously without fear of reprisal.

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