WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of Thousands

rwsqIt is estimated that over 10,000 animals are euthanased by wildlife volunteers each year in NSW. A task every native animal carer dreads, but a necessary one they undertake to prevent undue suffering. Under the guidelines in the OEH Code of Practice, to prevent undue suffering, large animals should be dispatched by firearm when a veterinarian is not available. Due to intervention from WIRES, no wildlife rehabilitator in NSW is now trusted to do this.

Farmers are trusted, drovers are trusted, even commercial roo hunters working for the pet food industry are trusted to undertake this task, and sporting shooters too, but not wildlife volunteers. Only these people can humanely dispatch an animal requiring immediate euthanasia according to this new unwritten and unapproved WIRES policy. Even in the middle of nowhere at three in the morning, a wildlife volunteer must wait, hours in many cases, for one of these apparently more qualified people. Potentially thousands of animals are now doomed to suffer slow painful deaths waiting for assistance. Many capable wildlife volunteers will be forced to watch this happen, unable to legally end the suffering of injured animals.

Unknown Sniper

In the last few months, the NSW Police Firearms Registry has been rejecting applications made by any wildlife volunteer for a gun licence

Go to topGo straight to commentsAdd a commentIn the last few months, the NSW Police Firearms Registry has been rejecting applications made by any wildlife volunteer for a gun licence. We are led to believe this extends to renewals also. Wildlife volunteers apply for their gun licence using a P673 form under the genuine reason of animal welfare. Employed animal handlers such as NPWS rangers, DPI and RSPCA officers apply for their licences using the same form. P673 also covers the genuine reason of animal welfare for farmers, drovers and other people who have responsibility for animals. On 23 January this year, that form was changed to remove all reference to volunteer wildlife carers. The relevant fact-sheet was also altered to exclude reference to wildlife volunteers.

This situation was a mystery for some time with volunteer rescuers from all wildlife groups being rejected for no good reason. The mystery has been solved. The reason the Firearms Registry changed its rules was due to the intervention of the WIRES General Manager, Leanne Taylor. Ms Taylor, it is alleged, contacted the Firearms Registry sometime after July 2011. She advised them that wildlife volunteers in NSW were not insured for this purpose, something Ms Taylor would have known was untrue.

It is further alleged that she also told the firearms registry that volunteers required specialised training before they could be trusted to perform the task. It is likely her intervention was approved by the WIRES board or at least undertaken with their knowledge. The idea that wildlife volunteers are less capable than others to undertake this task is very much in keeping with Ms Taylor’s personal opinions.

From the stories making their way to rW, WIRES is heaping the blame for this on to the NSW Police Force. It is alleged that WIRES has made statements claiming they had to take action to remove gun licences from all rehabilitators in NSW. Their claim is that the Firearms Registry had been issuing licences to unauthorized persons. This makes the NSW Police Force look incompetent and WIRES look like the hero.

These opinions included fear and mistrust of the WIRES membership, and doubts about the ability of the NSW Police to adequately train and administer firearms licensing

The evidence we have received however, paints a totally different picture. One in which WIRES’ own ineptitude led to them having no idea who they had assisted to gain gun licences. It portrays a clueless management and staff unaware that such a provision even existed, with the administration of these things going on without oversight. The evidence shows that they had the opportunity to rectify this situation but rejected it, putting the personal opinions of the WIRES General Manager over the needs of suffering animals. These opinions included fear and mistrust of the WIRES membership, and doubts about the ability of the NSW Police to adequately train applicants and administer firearms licensing. WIRES’ own need to control their members every move and their incapacity to act professionally, allegedly involving misrepresentations and untruths, will lead to an increase in unnecessary suffering for native animals.

A Shot Goes Astray

On 20 June 2011, a WIRES member from the Blue Mountains wrote to WIRES head office. She was asking for a letter of support under WIRES Policy 1.9 for her application for a gun licence. This request would normally have gone to the local branch and never have reached head office. Apparently, Ms Taylor, once an RSPCA officer, now General Manager of Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organisation, became concerned when she received this request. She seems to have had no idea WIRES had a policy covering this. She admits to being “ignorant” of the law in this regard, and seemingly unaware that wildlife volunteers in NSW could be licensed to perform euthanasia by firearm.

She forwarded the member’s request to Merrilee Verhoeven, WIRES Secretary. At this point the WIRES State Council (WSC) representative for the Blue Mountains was informed. He pointed out major flaws in WIRES euthanasia policy and rewrote it with a view to having it accepted at the next WSC meeting. We are now able to present how this led to all wildlife volunteers in NSW being excluded from holding a firearms licence. Through evidence received at rW we were able to contact the Blue Mountains rep for an interview.

Exchanging Fire

During the formulation of the new euthanasia policy, emails were exchanged between Ms Taylor and the Blue Mountains rep. They discuss how WIRES would administer the listing of licensed shooters within the organisation. Ms Taylor expressed concerns about the ability of WIRES members to hold such a licence. She was especially troubled that WIRES could not take a licence away from a member or control when they used it. She also felt that volunteers required specialised training to use firearms, questioning the adequacy of the training approved by Police and provided as part of licensing in NSW.

Its up to the Police, the experts in the field to decide whether they are competent or not

Initially she had four concerns. Firstly, she was worried that wildlife volunteers who had no previous firearms experience were not receiving special training in the destruction of animals. The Blue Mountains rep responded that this was not a matter for WIRES but one for the NSW Police. They were the only ones qualified to determine whether someone was suitably trained. He quoted from the NSW Police: “Persons who have never held a licence in NSW before are required to complete a firearms safety training course for long arms”. This certificate of competence accompanies the licence application. “I don’t think we have any grounds to impose further standards as we are not a shooting organisation”, he added. WIRES has “no expertise in licensing shooters” he said in interview, “its up to the Police, the experts in the field to decide whether they are competent or not.”

Ms Taylor’s second concern was that, regardless of experience, WIRES was not collecting “documentation” or performing “assessment” of the volunteer’s ability to destroy an animal using a firearm. The Blue Mountains rep again pointed out that this was none of WIRES’ business. The licensed person “can legally shoot whatever they want according to their licence” he wrote. WIRES has “no right or ability in this area” he added. Ms Taylor conceded he was right: “Strictly speaking you are correct and it can happen”, but added “my view is it shouldn’t happen.”

Thirdly, she saw the supporting letter that accompanies a P673 application as “essentially giving [the applicant] a reference”. Ms Taylor wanted WIRES to be able to check the volunteer’s ability to destroy animals before giving them the letter. In response the Blue Mountains rep reiterated that WIRES is “not giving them a reference”. The supporting letter, under the revised policy, would only confirm that a need existed for such a licensed person, and if the Police assessed them to be capable, WIRES could call on them.

Lastly, Ms Taylor was distressed by the thought that WIRES could not remove the volunteer's firearms licence, particularly if the volunteer left WIRES. It was pointed out to Ms Taylor that WIRES had no role in licensing the volunteer for firearms, this being a matter for the Police. WIRES was only listing the licensed person so that members could call on them if needed. All WIRES could do was remove that person from the WIRES listing. “Their licence is a matter for the Police” the Blue Mountains rep again added.

The category of animal welfare is shared with “the owner, transporter, drover or other handler of animals” and includes local council employees and circus hands

Ms Taylor commented that: “Every other sub group licensed under this category has strict protocols and training in place for Firearm use for Animal Welfare purposes.” Even a cursory glance at the fact-sheet from NSW Police shows this statement is completely wrong. The category of animal welfare is shared with “the owner, transporter, drover or other handler of animals” and includes local council employees and circus hands. None of the above are required to undertake mandatory extra training. Ms Taylor appears to believe that these people, not wildlife carers, are better able to decide when and how a native animal should be euthanized. Wildlife carers undertake this task approximately 10,000 times each year and would be far more experienced and have more training than any of the above. Her confusion may have something to do with paid animal welfare workers, such as RSPCA officers, and other employed people, being also included in this category. The amended P673 form does not exclude any of these people.

The practicalities of Volunteers with guns and no training is frightening the sh*t out of me

It is at this point Ms Taylor makes a startling admission: “I think the administration of this is probably the easy part but the practicalities of Volunteers with guns and no training is frightening the sh*t out of me” she wrote, “Maybe this is all sorted and I am just ignorant.” In the opinion of the Blue Mountains rep, this clearly expresses the General Manager’s underlying fear and mistrust of the membership. “I thought that was pretty full on, it staggered me” he said in interview, “she just doesn't have much faith in anyone who isn't paid to look after animals.”

At this juncture the entire correspondence is handed over to Bill Fortier, a WIRES Board member. All members of the WIRES board were included in this email and could see the entire correspondence from the beginning. Mr Fortier essentially approved of the new policy and confirmed all that the Blue Mountains rep had said in response to Ms Taylor’s concerns. He specifically emphasised that Ms Taylor’s concern, that WIRES would be responsible for a volunteer euthanizing an animal, was unfounded. “I can answer this with a NO” he wrote. His only other condition was that “In addition… a small Guide to Euthanasia Booklet… could be sent to these people to show the kill points for each species”, “Along with their requirements under POCTA and firearms use” he added.

WIRES Takes Cover

The new policy was due to be tabled at the WSC meeting on 30 July 2011 but at the last minute was withdrawn. All policy matters in WIRES are decided by the WSC. By withdrawing the proposal, WIRES management was able to avoid any determination the WSC might make. In following up on the policy's removal from the agenda, the Blue Mountains rep spoke with Mr Fortier. Mr Fortier claimed to have been speaking to WIRES’ insurance company about the policy covering volunteers using firearms. “He definitely said he spoke to WIRES' insurers” the Blue Mountains rep said, "I remember that detail specifically… because I knew from my research that WIRES didn't hold the insurance policy… I thought that was really odd that he would say that... it made me really suspicious and that's why I remember it so specifically” he explained. Mr Fortier went on to claim that the insurance company became uneasy about volunteers with guns and for this reason the new policy had been shelved for the time being.

To date there has not been a claim made under NWC's insurance policy regarding a wildlife volunteer using a firearm

The insurance for wildlife volunteers in NSW is held by the NSW Wildlife Council (NWC), the state’s peak wildlife body. This insurance covers volunteers for both personal injury and public liability. It does indeed cover the use of firearms to euthanize injured wildlife and costs the NWC around $25,000 per year. To date there has not been a claim made under NWC's insurance policy regarding a wildlife volunteer using a firearm.

Mr Fortier is not a member of the NWC. However, according to our sources, he spoke directly to their insurer, Aon, bypassing their broker and without the permission of the NWC. This may be in breech of the contract and the Privacy Act. It is uncertain what Mr Fortier said to Aon but it is alleged he told them that wildlife volunteers were not legally permitted to carry firearms. This is entirely wrong (Crimes Act 1900, S.93G) and something Mr Fortier as an ex-police officer should know. It is also contrary to statements he made previously in regards to the proposed WIRES euthanasia policy. At this point, Aon attempted to remove the cover for volunteers using firearms in the course of their duties. It is believed that the NWC was able to rectify this immediately and volunteers are still covered by insurance.

Police Take Statements

Sometime between late July 2011 and January 2012, Leanne Taylor contacted the NSW Police Force Firearms Registry. It is alleged that she informed them that wildlife volunteers in NSW were not insured to use a firearm for the purposes of euthanasia. It is further alleged that she allowed the Police to believe she represented all wildlife carers and wildlife rescue organisations in NSW, including the NWC. It is alleged that her expressed personal opinion, that wildlife volunteers needed special training before they could be licensed, was told to the NSW Police as if it were official policy. Further, it is believed that she told the Firearms Registry that no need existed in NSW for volunteers to euthanize animals with firearms. She explained, it is believed, that this could be adequately provided by paid employees of the Police, NPWS, and, of course, paid RSPCA officials.

It is believed that the NWC has already met to discuss this subject. It is claimed that Caroline Enfield, WIRES’ unelected representative on the NWC, gave an explanation of WIRES actions in this matter. She claims that the Police had issued a gun licence to an inner-city WIRES member on nothing more than the presentation of a WIRES membership card. It was for this reason WIRES intervened. That does not fit with the information received here at rW. So now, thanks to WIRES, if you find an animal suffering through a slow agonising death you can call a farmer, a sporting shooter, a roo hunter, even a circus clown, but not an experienced wildlife volunteer.


Background Documents


# Concerned readerP.Edwards 2013-07-24 00:41
for god sake you lot, stop complaining.
you all go on about Leanne taylor, and wires, and nsw police etc etc.
If its all so bad, start your own organization, get all the volunteers to come across, get out into the market place, start getting donations, and show them !
think of a name, and get going.
whos going to volunteer for the board, and the working parties to get going ?
reply to P. Edwards
# RE: Concerned readerreply to P. Edwards 2013-07-25 08:38
Great idea and many have thought of that. Can't be done because OEH wont give a new group a licence as WIRES have the monopoly over much of the state. Leanne Taylor is not the problem. It is the board.
Its time
# Concerned readerIts time 2013-07-27 20:36
P.Edwards - it is not possible to start a new group when WIRES already has a branch in the area - that is one of the main problems.
# RE: Concerned readerjames 2013-07-27 23:43
Great idea. Perhaps ms lane would like to donate the $15000 received for statement. Chris advised that was the amount paid. It would be a good start up fund.
# RE: Concerned readerPlover 2013-07-31 18:24
Thought the pay off for Ms Lane was that she was given her own branch East Branch. She was also told that the Board would arrange for Inner West Branch to be investigated by the private investigator. That was enough for her to betray Chris. If money was paid then Gaming and Racing should be told.
# RE: Concerned readernickyy 2013-08-03 08:15
Plover , why did Chris resign and start this campaign that has a invested a lot of energy and involved a lot of people. Chris states he was fired from wires and this was well before any issue with kernel story.
# RE: Concerned readerPlover 2013-08-19 18:22
Hi Nicky whats your point. Chris moved on so his time could be productive. A wise move.
# RE: Concerned readerferett 2013-08-23 09:21
Why campaign are you referring too?
# RE: Concerned readerferett 2013-08-27 10:07
Chris did not resign he was fired. Chris organised the workshops because he was asked by many people and WIRES had not run avian courses for about a year. There was a lot of bullying by Caroline Enfield, Andrew Edwards, Trish Edwards and Merrilee Verhoeven. I have also heard the Board had hired the private investigator long before the Kurnell investigations.
# RE: Concerned readerplover 2013-09-01 17:01
that is interesting ferett. You must have been around for the brushtail possum food debate when all of those you mention along with with Bill Thompson and Stan Wood reckoned they knew more than the vets and other experts. They bullied the small mammal team reps on council and any member who supported them to get council to agree to only feed the brushtails foliage in care. Would have ended up with a lot of starved possums if they had got their way.
# RE: Concerned readerCH 2013-09-01 16:53
You are lucky Trish Edwards to be able to comment on this site without any fear of action by the board for breach of the new secrecy and social media policy. That is one of the benefits you have of having friends like Stan wood and Merrile Verhoeven.
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsUnarmed 2012-11-08 21:34
A new WIRES Euthanasia Policy adopted on 15.09.2012 prohibits volunteer rescuers from euthanasing injured wildlife, until they have completed a proposed NEW Firearms Training Course (cost approx. $400) and obtained a Newly endorsed Shooter's Licence.
Only employees of NP&WS, RSPCA or Police are allowed to shoot, however WIRES notes that Police will give priority to human welfare so animals may suffer long delays!
For some strange reason it appears only the Police have been notified of the new Policy....NP&WS, RSPCA and the public have NOT been made aware that WIRES volunteers can no longer shoot!
# euthanasiaunbelievable 2012-11-28 19:36
Wires has been so politically correct lately to the point of banning all branches from using firearms for euthanasia, that is, until members have completed an approved firearms course.It appears that Wires suffers from double standards, something a lot of people have know for many years. There is a very well known (Honorary) member of the Large Mammals management Team who makes no secret of the fact her methods of euthanasia on small or sick wombat,possum and kangaroo joeys is to cut off their heads with an axe or put them on the ground and use her heel to crush the animals head.
Both of these methods of euthanasia are against Wires policy, yet the Wires "powers that be" turn a blind eye because of fear of upsetting this person. If this was any ordinary Wires member they would be out to get them so fast, but instead this person was given an Honorary Life membership.
Surely, this is cruel and sadistic and NPWS would be less than impressed.
Will the Wires Board do anything about this, my guess is no.
Rose Petals
# RE: euthanasiaRose Petals 2012-12-02 10:49
Wow, this is truely a disgusting and abhorant treatment of our beautiful wildlife, and I for one have absolutely NO HESITATION going to NPWS and the media advising of this barbaric practice. My understanding is that euthanasia is a humane way to end an animals life, there nothing humane about cutting their heads off with an axe or stomping on their heads until they die, it's just unthinkable. I am told that this woman was advocating this as recently as a couple of months ago at a WIRES Course. So please know HG that all your nasty secrets will be revealed if you don't hand in our private licence ASAP cause you don't deserve it, and hopefully in the process the WIRES board will all be sacked which is what they deserve!!!!
# off with their headsunbelievable 2012-12-02 16:12
Rose Petals, this is not something new with this person. It has been well known for years within the wildlife community, both outside and inside Wires of this persons shocking cold hearted methods of euthanasia of our native animals. This person was awarded the order of Australia for her work with wildlife a few years back by the same people who gave Bob Hawke "father of the year". so I think that says it all. It is amazing how these people can fool most of the people most of the time. The Wires Board is no exception. There are many fantastic wildlife carers in all groups, who just get on with the job of doing the best they can for animals in distress, they are the true unsung heroes.You can be certain that nothing will be said or done about this person by Wires, so the barbaric practices will continue.
Rose Petals
# RE: euthanasiaRose Petals 2012-12-02 16:45
I also have to wonder and would really like to know how the Order of Australia Medal Board would react to a recipient treating our wildlife in this abhorent manner? Perhaps it's time they found out!
# RE: euthanasiainfinity 2012-12-02 19:58
My suggestion would be to skip WIRES and go directly to NPWS or RSPCA. RSPCA will act but you but you may need some sort of proof call them and find out. That is terrible.
an eagle
# RE: euthanasiaan eagle 2012-12-05 19:46
It is so important that animals are properly and humanely euthanised, for the animals sake and for the wellbeing of the carers so they are not traumatised by having to kill an animal. Medical practitioners find it difficult to accept euthanasia because of their training to save life and I suspect carers have a similar problem as they are trained to also save lives. I would like to see more attention given by OEH and wildlife caring organisations to research and develop alternative methods of euthanasia which would not involve physical violence towards an amimal. This is so important for the sake of the animals and for the carers.
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsMarcusO 2012-03-23 18:15
Ms Taylor is clearly a “hoplophobe” - that is, one who harbours an irrational fear of inanimate objects AKA firearms. Her viewpoint is common amongst urban/inner city types who consider themselves elite and who will never get their hands dirty.
She needs to trust the motives and common sense of volunteers who give their own time and commitment to animal welfare, including quick, painless euthanasia when required with a firearm, when the volunteer possesses the appropriate police-issued licence.
Your organisation would be much better off without this person who is a drain on good people’s finances and energy.
I declare that I am a sporting shooter, by the way; one of many who loves animals.
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of Thousandsdusty 2012-03-23 20:20
Dear MarcusO,
Can you define an ’urban/inner city type’? do you know that applies to Ms Taylor? I am not defending her, i don’t know her, or where she lives just questioning her decisions on this matter. did you not read my post- I’m what you would call an inner city type ie I live in the inner city( and rescue and care for native animals) and fully support the swift euthanasia of animals beyond help, by firearm in rural areas where the alternative is prolonged suffering. Sterotyping helps no-one, if I called you a gun popping redneck shooting at anything you felt like would you like that? I think not- generalisations like yours contribute nothing to this debate- refine your post to this issue in question
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsSpartacus 2012-03-24 09:22
I wish everyone would refine posts to the issues in question.
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsSaTAN WOULD 2012-03-24 18:08
hoplophobe is someone who has fear of inanimate objects. i must be hoplophobic cause i fear the mangment and board
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of Thousandsdusty 2012-03-19 21:06
It would seem from all the evidence here that Ms Taylor has acted against the constitution of WIRES inc by putting animals requiring enthanasia at risk of prolonged suffering, clearly it doen’t matter whether the person is paid or not, so long as they are able to make the correct decision about the welfare of the animal. I am fortunate to live in an urban area with access to vets 24/7 , but even so I know when the animal needs euthansia and have never thought something should be eu’ed when it wasn’t neccessary, (as I am sure would be the same for experienced country rescuers faced with this situation) so I think she has allowed her personal opinions to impair her assessment of the facts, and interfere with those legislated to make a decision about who should hold a firearms licence, ie the police. I expect Ms Taylor will want to revise her decision, or presumably there are means by which her involvement in this matter can be scrutinised, eg through the police minister etc. I am disappionted by the whole WIRES shambles but am determined at this stage to remain a member and invoke change from within.
disclaimer- I am an ordinary member and have not held any mgt positions
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of Thousandsanon 2012-03-20 22:29
dusty, There is nothing in the WIRES Constitution regarding euthanasia and who does it. This is in the policy. Prolonged suffering would be under the procta laws, to get any legal action by the RSPCA or Animal Welfare League but you must call the police and the RSPCA will need to see the animal.
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of Thousandsdusty 2012-03-23 19:58
dear anon,
the constition can’t cover every specific item or issue that might come up; it is meant to be overarching; therefore in my opinion her view and more importantly her actions in this amtter breaches the constitution in regards to welfare of animals in this situation
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of Thousandsanon 2012-03-24 17:29
Dusty, The Consitution is about the structure and running of WIRES. What you are referring to is policy, code of ethics, code of conduct, NPWS policies or pocta laws. Please advise what part of the constitution you believe Ms Taylor has breached.
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of Thousandsdusty 2012-03-24 19:14
Anon This is what the constitution states under objects of the association, therefore this apparently unwritten policy of no euthansia by firearm by volunteers appears to contradict the consitution 1.2 b item ii, to my mind anyway, of course I don’t have any legal training so I may have got the particulars wrong, but that is not really the point of discussion is it? Its about whether this decision by Ms Taylor is in the interests of wildlife/ and the distress of volunteers who are not able to do the right thing, when it does not appear to have been problematic in the first place based on the evidence presented here
’1.2 Objects of the Association
The Association is formed with the object of:
((b) if the animal is unable to be rehabilitated to fend for itself and be returned to the wild:
(i) arranging permanent care in accordance with NPWS policy; or
(ii) where necessary, ensuring that euthanasia of the animal is effected in a humane manner;
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsSnoopycruiser 2012-03-14 13:43
So you have Ms Leanne Taylor, General Manager, WIRES Inc. presumably a paid employee of WIRES, promoting her own personal agenda in preference to what she should be doing which is assisting members in the advancement of caring for our native wildlife.  That is, helping members to get on with the task at hand.  She forgets she is there for the benefit of the members, not the other way around.
What Ms Taylor is doing is nothing more than unwarranted, ill informed, ignorant, destructive and inappropriate action that shows her to be either inept, incompetent or both in carrying out her duties as General Manager.  In fact the title of General Bureaucrat would be more appropriate as managers work through problems, finding solutions to help members, not hinder them.  Acting like a true bureaucrat, she is driving towards the lowest common denominator instead of striving for excellence and improvement.
Leanne has very little or perhaps no idea what goes on out in the field when confronted with a situation requiring the euthanizing of native wildlife.   As a WIRES carer and rescuer, I am also properly licensed to euthanize native wildlife.  No disrespect for other licensed shooters outside of WIRES but as such, I am generally better trained, experienced and equipped to properly assess injured native wildlife and euthanize if necessary than they are.   By the way, if I understand it correctly, farmers are only licensed to euthanize animals or shoot vermin on their own property or immediate neighbor’s.  Native wildlife are protected by law and your shooters license needs to be endorsed to euthanize them so who are you going to call?   The police have wider powers but generally insist on a WIRES person to be present at the time.   The police do a fantastic job with ever decreasing resources and you want to load them up with euthanizing native wildlife when it can be done on the spot by a WIRES approved shooter.   Give me a break and get real.  Â
Before I was properly licensed to euthanize native wildlife, I have on occasions, had to wait for up to two hours before the police arrived on the scene.   Why adopt a retrograde policy that guarantees unnecessary, prolonged suffering of an injured animal.  How would Leanne like to be lying in ditch alongside a road with broken limbs and other serious internal injuries for a couple of extra, unnecessary hours before being euthanized?  And how do you propose to deal with a manged wombat?  Do you seriously think the manged wombat is going to hang around while you try to get a licensed shooter on site when a perfectly capable WIRES shooter is available and onsite.   Or does Leanne suggest some convoluted procedure to trap the manged wombat so as to dispose of it at some later time?   She has no idea of what is involved.
The BM rep is spot on when he says the existing firearms licensing provisions are adequate and the only possible reason for WIRES to become involved would be to provide educational guidance if it were required.
Clearly Leanne Taylor has no idea whatsoever what she is talking about or the damage she has done, not only to WIRES but to all other wildlife organizations who by necessity effectively, humanely and efficiently euthanize native wildlife with the responsible use of firearms  when required.  Â
Shame on you Leanne Taylor.
Magnum P.I.
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsMagnum P.I. 2012-03-14 17:27
Leanne Taylor “presumably a paid employee of WIRES”. From the information i have she’s paid about as much as the prime Minister but no one except the board knows because such things are secret. Her job was given to her by Stan Wood, Leanne used to be in the Nth Sydney branch and in rspca and from there was just elevated to the position. There was no advertising the position, open merit based assessment or anything like that. No wonder she doesn’t think she works for the members.
I remember working in an educational institution where all the people in charge were professional managers, never been a student or a teacher, only ever been a manager. They thought the schools would run so much better without all these troublesome teachers and students getting in the way. Its all a “project management” for them - they forget what the institution is and is for.
WIRES baord and mangement is like that too. They forget wires is its members, without them there is no WIRES. Yet they think the whole thing would run so much better if they would shut up and do what they were told. Wires is its member, you work for them Leanne Theyre not your staff! There your boss!
It’s time
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsIt’s time 2012-03-14 20:08
Am I correct in recalling that when Stan Wood took over the position of General Manager the position was not advertised then either? Is this standard practice for WIRES?
Appears that someone is just given the job...salary package and all...without meeting essential criteria...without any transparency...
No wonder the members are asking questions!
long overdue
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of Thousandslong overdue 2012-03-14 22:05
That’s right and the WSC or members are not even allowed to view the contracts they give themselves.
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of Thousandsguest 2012-03-20 13:35
The way they give one another paid jobs without any external process or scrutiny and decide how much to pay themselves and their friends is one of the biggest problems in WIRES. Even the donors who pay their wages don’t have a right to ask any questions.
Its time
# WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsIts time 2012-09-23 20:59
The repercussion of this WIRES decision was evident today. It seems the 'correct' thing to do is to leave an animal with a broken leg on the side of the road. Never mind if that animal thrashes around in pain for hours...or maybe even days...or maybe will be torn apart when still alive by wild dogs come nightfall. Seems WIRES HO has decided this is the way to go - and the local branch has jumped right on board. Toxic is the only way to describe it.
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of Thousandsguest 2012-03-11 08:03
This story should be referred to the RSPCA for investigation. Any attempt to reduce the availability of a quick means of putting down and so saving pain and distress in animals in isolated country areas should be seen as cruelty. The state council should ask what is going on as there is no mention of this in the council minutes so guess the WSC was not consulted.
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsNaive 2012-03-10 11:32
When I read the interview I was disappointed to see EX-chair and EX-WSC rep.WIRES needs people like him on the WSC and,ultimately,the Board.The board’s interference in the Illawarra branch is proof that we need them to move aside and let unbiased people in.
a member
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of Thousandsa member 2012-03-10 17:54
It is not just Illawarra Branch as the Board has interferred in many branches and everytime the interference was to protect one of their own or a supporter. You haven’t got a chance if you are not in the inner circle. Look what happened to the member on whistleblower,
It’s time
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsIt’s time 2012-03-11 10:00
Yes it seems the way to get anywhere is to be a ’Board Buddy’. Do what you want, behave how you like, don’t bother too much with animal care standards.
And if you are lucky you could be rewarded with a generous helping of subsidised food in recognition of all your hard work.
BM rep
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsBM rep 2012-03-10 19:19
Add to that "Ex-member". I was pushed out just after this. I love how WIRES worries away about members being up to their standards, never wondering if they are up to the members standards. Get out while you can!
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsNaive 2012-03-11 10:00
I’m sorry to hear that.This organisation baffles me.
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsGuest 2012-03-09 22:45
What rubbish. Dont know anything about leane Taylors own beliefs but do know that we got shooters recently got licenses and using them to euthanise cause thats what was on there aplications. The shooters that arent wires members got to have there own insurance is all. The shooters licence and wires license have nothing to do with each other but if we got a shooter with animal welfare on licence we use for euthanising all the time and HO knows about it.
If wires member got to have full police training and licence to use a gun because its seprate.
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsSpartacus 2012-03-10 14:33
You didn’t read the story did you Guest? What a surprise to see you here so early trying to confuse the issue.
“The shooters that arent wires members got to have there own insurance is all.” - WRONG! Sorry. Every wildlife carer, from every wildlife group in NSW (including WIRES) is covered by the insurance issued to the NSW Wildlife Council. WIRES had no right to be speaking to the NWC’s insurer because the NWC represents all wildlife carers, not just WIRES.
“The shooters licence and wires license have nothing to do with each other” - yes, that’s our point - that is what the story was all about. WIRES and Leanne Taylor couldn’t seem to accept that fact. Did you read the story?
It might seem rude of me to interject but frankly I’m tired of your deliberate attempts to confuse EVERY issue and I have made it my policy to correct you openly (I have a right to comment too!)
Magnum P.I.
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsMagnum P.I. 2012-03-10 15:30
Great! Gives me a break. Get ’em Spartacus!
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsGuest 2012-03-10 19:30
A board member isnt allowd to check for sure if the insurance covers not member shooters so they can tell the branchs acurate info?
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsSpartacus 2012-03-10 20:39
The NSW Wildlife Council’s insurance is for everyone and it covers firearms:
- everyone on the WIRES Board and WSC knows that, or
- should know that, or
- can find that out by asking the NWC.
WIRES appointed an ex-board member, not elected by anyone, to the NSW Wildlife Council - they knew all right.
You’re right! No board member is allowed to contact anyone else’s insurer (not yours or mine or the NWC’s) - period - but they did. Thanks for reminding us. Are you outraged? No? Why?
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsGuest 2012-03-11 00:48
I cant find the difrence in the forms. Both say other handler. My friend got his licence and said he was a
wildlife volunteer and got his licence in Jan this year. but still had to do police training of course.
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsSpartacus 2012-03-11 03:44
Its like 1 am Guest - nice to see you are dedicated...
“I cant find the difrence in the forms.” - On the old form it had a section for those wishing to attach a letter to indicate they are “a volunteer of an organisation handing injured animals” (it is as clear as day to anyone who WANTS TO see it - I even highlighted it!). The new form, thanks to WIRES, has this removed because according to WIRES you can’t be trusted because you are not PAID to do it, you’re just a volunteer, and there is no need for you to do this job because the police or RSPCA can do it at any time anywhere.
“Both say other handler.” - that means RSPCA, clowns, tight-rope walkers, lion tamers, council employees... the operative word being “employee” - you have to be PAID to do it. Read the fact sheet and the new form again (maybe get someone to read it to you if you’re having trouble) - all reference to volunteers has been removed. On the new form the only letter they will accept must be from your “employer/tax agent confirming [your] employment.” EMPLOYMENT - EM-PLOY-MENT, come on, say it with me - EM-PLOY-MENT. Its like volunteering but you get paid - just like the staff at WIRES do!
“My friend got his licence and said he was a wildlife volunteer and got his licence in Jan this year” - The form was changed in late January 2012, and frankly I don’t believe you - others have been rejected.
“still had to do police training of course” - EVERYONE in NSW has to do the COMPULSORY firearms training - that is not the issue. WIRES didn’t think that was good enough or that volunteers are competent enough.
Keep it up - you are just making an idiot of yourself - seriously no one believes you are that incapable of basic cognition. I am so over your nonsense... as a service to my real guests I am going to correct you every time you pull this “dumb” trick.
Noisy Miner
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsNoisy Miner 2012-03-24 22:09
Spartacus how would you like to run for Chair of the WIRES Inc. Board? I think by now you would have lots of votes and could be well and truly in by the AGM.
Cheers Noisy Miner
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsSpartacus 2012-03-24 23:41
I assume that you jest!
However, I would like to respond in all seriousness. When rW started I wrote the “What is reformWIRES” blurb - its under the INFO tab. I meant it. I wanted to create a forum because in WIRES one did not exist. Members were fearful of speaking out about what they knew, what they witnessed. This meant that others did not know, did not hear. All I wanted was to offer a place for the truth, for opinion, for discussion, for all this to take place. I have achieved that.
It is all I wanted. There must be oversight. The members in WIRES have that responsibility but they had lost their authority. They were intimidated into silence by the board and management. I gave members a way to put a little respect back into the relationship.
People are fallible. People are tempted by power. To prevent that becoming something more there needs to be oversight - checks and balances. That is what I am attempting to provide. I as Spartacus, and as an individual, share the concerns of others that a new board will be exposed to the same temptations, have the same fallibilities. Whether a board system remains a part of WIRES or not concerns me little, because I intend to remain here watching and giving you the fall-back position. This may keep the next lot in check.
That is my job. I want no other. You are free to choose to come here, or to leave. I am grateful to you for your support - it is encouragement to me.
Jane Doe
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsJane Doe 2012-03-09 20:26
Who is this M/S Taylor??
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsSpartacus 2012-03-09 21:19
Ms Leanne Taylor - General Manger - WIRES Inc.
Jane Doe
# RE: WIRES' Fear Triggers Death of ThousandsJane Doe 2012-03-15 10:35
Right now she has stopped all carers who are not part of WIRES from getting a gun licence in NSW,
doen’t sound right so she is higher up then the police? To inforce this onto people that don’t even know her?

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