Do as I say, Not as I do!

rwsqIn NSW it is a requirement of the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) and National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) that all licence holders for wildlife keep accurate records for native animals that come into their care. In recent months the OEH and NPWS has been ruthlessly auditing wildlife groups and disciplining some for breaches of their responsibilities. WIRES has been exempt from these audits. While within WIRES it is quite common for the Board to threaten members with disciplinary action for not adhering to WIRES’ rules and for breaching OEH and NPWS codes.

This is an odd thing. WIRES is the largest wildlife rescue group in NSW (they claim) and the most professional (they claim). However, from evidence presented to rw, they are also the biggest offender when it comes to breaching their licence, and yet the OEH and NPWS will not audit them. This evidence presented to rw also shows that within WIRES, while the Board members threaten others for breaches, Board members themselves are doing the same or worse. The OEH appears to be turning a blind eye to WIRES misconduct, while members of the WIRES Board hide themselves away from scrutiny.

Click the link below to download a .xls spreadsheet showing all animals "in care" with WIRES (names have been removed).
*NOTE: The spreadsheet published orginally with this story picked up errors during processing - some callsheet numbers did not match correctly to the record data. This situation has been rectified. This was a processing error: There was no "tampering" involved. The numbers of records and the dates for those records as published were correct - only the species and carer details were not correctly attributed. Thank you to "Reality Check" for alerting us to the problem. rw apologises for any inconvenience.

WIRES animals "in care"

A Case in Point

Go to topGo straight to commentsAdd a commentA case in point is Bill Fortier. Mr Fortier was elected Chair of WIRES in 2012. When he was elected Chair he still had unresolved bullying complaints against him. He has never given any explanation in relation to the allegation that he was asked to leave another volunteer organisation which ran a breeding program of endangered wallabies.

Bill Fortier is a member of Central Coast branch and has held positions of Chair and WSC Rep in that branch since 2006. He was elected to the Board of WIRES in 2009 and held the position of Vice Chair. Bill Fortier has been involved with all the decisions of the Board raised in the rw story “Not even... A Kurnell of Truth” and "Kurnell Allegations – Part 2" regarding WIRES’ hiring of a private investigator to hound out an employee from the organisation. He has been in a position of power on the board and so is jointly responsible for most of the other wrongs covered in the stories: “Jobs for the Boys”, “Board Grievances: Ignored Grievances”, “Democracy and WIRES Structure”, “Donor’s Money who gets it”, “Night of the steak knives”, “WIRES Fear triggers deaths of thousands” and who could forget “Oss-tray-(Lea)-ah-day, mate” about the Australia Day award he received in 2011.

His first action as Chair was to require every member of the WIRES State Council to immediately sign a confidentiality agreement to not disclose confidential material from Council meetings. No notice was given of this and Councillors had no opportunity to discuss the implications before they signed it. He told the Council he would decide what was confidential and what was not but since he became Chair he has marked all of his emails and documents as confidential – everything is secret. The result has been that members of the State Council are confused and silenced. They are scared to discuss council business with branch members for fear they will be brought up on “charges” of breaching confidentiality and the code of conduct and ultimately be expelled from WIRES. By this action Bill controls all members of the Council though fear.

His decision to conduct WIRES business in secret is not new as the WIRES Board had been filtering information it gives to the WIRES State Council for years. Neither the WSC nor the general membership has been allowed to see the minutes of Board meetings, or any of the Board records, since the Constitution came into effect in 2007. The situation continues with Bill Fortier as Chair. He appears to be confused as to his different duties and to his authority as Chair and as a Board member. This is made worse by his dictatorial style, which has allowed the Board to conduct business unchecked by the WSC and membership, leaving the Board to self-regulate when it comes to complaints. The result is that there is no transparency or accountability of the Chair and the WIRES Board.

As a dictatorial leader Bill Fortier requires his views to be accepted and if they are not, he shuts down the discussion or limits the information he gives to the Council to ensure his view triumphs. The alternative views of members are ignored and it is claimed that the members who disagree with him are persued by him under the Code of Conduct.


Bill Fortier has 171 animals in his care... His branch records show that they have over 3,000 animals still “in care”... he must be a saint looking after so many native animals! Next stop: The Vatican!

So it is extremely ironic that ReformWires has received evidence to show that Bill Fortier and his branch are grossly in breach of the WIRES licence agreement with the Office of Environment and Heritage. While he pursues members he does not agree with in a pathetic game of cops and robbers, he blatantly breaches the requirement of the National Parks and Wildlife Service to keep proper records of wildlife in care. This can be seen from WIRES Carer HQ records which shows that Bill Fortier has 171 animals in his care: His longest suffering patient is a Magpie which was recued way back on 22/09/2007. Bill has not updated this record in 6 years. His branch records show that they have over 3,000 animals still “in care”. Bill has been the Chair of that branch for a long time so one would think he’d have taken better care of the Branch’s obligations seeing as he regularly disciplines others for similar breaches. With so many animals in care, no wonder he received an Australia Day award from Gosford Council - he must be a saint looking after so many native animals! Next stop: The Vatican!

Its supposed to be temporary

The fact that the WIRES database has 27,631 animals in care shows they are not abiding by their licence obligations

The “in care” status is recorded in the “fate” parameter on the WIRES database. It is used to indicate that an animal has been rescued and is now receiving immediate rehabilitation – the animal is deemed to be in “temporary care” awaiting determination of its ultimate “fate”. As soon as an animal is reported to wires it is marked “in care”. This status should only be temporary: Once the animal’s “fate” is determined the record should be updated to show this and the record closed. Fates may include: “released”, “euthanized”, “died”, “escaped”, “transferred to another group”, etc. To keep an animal in permanent care, approval has to be sought from NPWS and the fate of the animal should be changed to “permanently in care” and the record closed. The fact that the WIRES database has 27,631 animals in care shows they are not abiding by their licence obligations and not keeping their records as they are required to do. Not that it matters: The licensing division of NPWS will not investigate WIRES.

WIRES begs for millions of dollars every year and receives grants from government. They spend more money on staff than on any other expense. Why is WIRES with all these resources unable to comply with their most obvious and everyday licence requirements?

Even though OEH and NPWS have been alerted to this gross breach of licence on numerous occasions they fail to address it. They do however pursue other groups and individuals for far less egregious breaches. WIRES has done very little to fix the problem. One contributor to rw has explained how WIRES seems positively paranoid about anyone even attempting to address the problem

Looking for more examples of breaches of WIRES’ licence, one need go no further than the Board of WIRES:

  • Jim Watt, former Board member who has tried to get back on the Board had 11 animals in care - one Brushtail Possum has been with him for over 9 years.
  • Merrilee Verhoeven, Honorary (sic) Secretary, who it is understood has not had an animal in care for years, has 39 animals in care dating back to 1/07/2008 – over 5 years.
  • Not to be beaten is Michael Jupp who has 55 animals in his care – the longest suffering being in his care for nearly 10 years.

The whole WIRES record keeping has been a mess for years and nothing is ever done about it and OEH / NPWS turn a blind eye to it each and every time. There are over 27,000 animals that have disappeared into the WIRES system and remain “in care”. In light of the poor condition and lack of care the organisation has to its licence requirements, it is better to say that the fate of these animals is unknown and that they don't really care. Some further examples:

  • Leanne Taylor, WIRES well paid and highly competent head employee has 9 animals in care, one of them has been in her temporary care for nearly 18 months (maybe some renumeration instead of remuneration is in order).
  • The Sydney Call Centre, with its highly skilled professional paid work force, under the watchful eye of Ms Tayor, has 222 records still on their books, some going back 5 years – this is odd because they only allocate rescues, they don’t actually do any care – what happened to these animals?
  • One individual on the WIRES database has 1,251 animals “in care”. Some of these have been in care for nearly 5 years. This is a systemic problem which displays the lack of care and lack of ability on the part of the governing board and the management of WIRES.

According to the WIRES database:

  • The average time an animal is in care is 2yrs, 4mths;
  • With 1,700 members and 27,631 animals in temporary care, each member has on average over 16 animals to look after;
  • The longest an animal has remained in temporary care is 9yrs, 9mths – this a little longer than Mike Jupp’s Tawny Frogmouth has been temporarily with him.

The requirements

The OEH is specific on what information is required to be recorded by wildlife rehabilitators and WIRES was consulted when preparing the new standards. OEH was alerted about the failure of WIRES to keep proper records about two years ago by concerned members but they were ignored.

WIRES is breaching its licence agreement and Bill Fortier as Chair of WIRES, is the person responsible and must now resign for allowing this ongoing breach and damage to the reputation of WIRES.

The breach is under the OEH Code of practice for injured, sick and orphaned protected fauna 2011:


To maintain a database of fauna that has entered rehabilitation. Records of fauna admissions represent a vital resource for fauna rehabilitation groups, OEH and research institutions. They can be used to develop better treatments, educate rehabilitators, identify state-wide trends in fauna incidents and identify threatening processes.

14.1. Standards

14.1.1. Licensed fauna rehabilitation groups, zoological parks and individuals
must maintain a current register of all protected fauna reported, encountered or rescued. The register must contain the following information on each animal:

  • encounter details (date, location, encounter circumstances, the animal’s condition and unique ID number)
  • species data (species name, sex, age, initial weight and pouch condition if a marsupial)
  • care providers (name and address of the initial assessor (see 4.1.2),
  • name and address of the fauna rehabilitator)
  • fate details (date, final disposition, location and any permanent marking).

These records must be submitted to the Wildlife Licensing and Management Unit of OEH in an approved electronic format on an annual basis.

14.1.2. Fauna rehabilitators must record the weight of fauna in their care so changes can be quickly identified (weighing frequency will depend on the type of care provided; see Section 8.1 Monitoring).

14.1.3. When an individual is transferred to another fauna rehabilitator or organisation for any reason, copies of its records must be transferred with it.

14.1.4. If the death of fauna is suspected to be the result of a serious disease outbreak, the fauna rehabilitator must immediately contact their fauna rehabilitation group to ascertain whether tissue analysis or a necropsy is required (see the OEH Policy and Procedures for the Identification and Management of Diseases in Fauna).

14.2. Guidelines

14.2.1. Fauna rehabilitators should record the following additional information at the time of rescue:

  • who discovered the animal (name and contact details)
  • when the animal was discovered (time of day)
  • any treatment or food provided prior to transport.

14.2.2. Fauna rehabilitators should record the following additional information at the time of assessment by a veterinarian or experienced fauna rehabilitator:

  • details of wounds, injuries, diseases and external parasites
  • details of mobility
  • details of abnormal behaviour
  • recommended management (e.g. euthanasia or treatment).

14.2.3. Fauna rehabilitators should record the following additional information at the time of entry into a rehabilitation facility:

  • standard length measurements
  • identifying features if it is to be housed communally
  • housing (e.g. intensive care, general) (See Section 8. Housing).

14.2.4. Fauna rehabilitators should record the following daily care information:

  • details regarding the type and quantity of food/liquid ingested
  • details of treatment (e.g. medication, therapy)
  • details of instructions from veterinarians and species coordinators
  • details of changes to general fitness and behaviour
  • details of enclosure cleaning (e.g. quantity and quality of faeces/urine).

14.2.5. Fauna rehabilitators should record the following additional information regarding fate:

  • if released, details regarding the type of release (hard or soft)
  • if released, details regarding the condition of the animal (e.g. weight).

14.2.6. Fauna rehabilitators should keep duplicates or backups of records to avoid information being lost.

The big question is whether the Government and the Office of the Environment and Heritage have given protection to WIRES and turned a blind eye. Some suggest that OEH and NPWS doesn’t want to take away WIRES licence and finally take responsibility for wildlife care. The OEH decided a couple of years ago to undertake an audit of compliance of wildlife organisations. WIRES gave its members a warning to get its records up to date. But so far only about 3 smaller organisations have been audited and no one has been near WIRES. How can this be when WIRES is the biggest wildlife rescue organisation in NSW? It is time that a complaint is made about the workings of the OEH to the State Ombudsman.

Bill Fortier, as Chair of his own branch (yes indeed a busy fellow) is also responsible to make sure that all members of his branch keep up to date records. A look at records of some of the members of the BMC of his branch reveals that he should have spent more time making sure his branch members were complying with their obligations rather than pursuing members, so you see it really is Do as I say, not as I do.


Flat Fly
# A Very Merry Xmas to All WIRES Members from the BOARD & HEAD OFFICE and the great Calendar “rip-off”?Flat Fly 2013-12-22 00:26
[rw assumes this is satire]

This is a great time of year with all of those donations rolling in from the public but we need that little bit more and WOW we’ve scooped the big one here.

Not only can we rip the unsuspecting public off but we have found a way to rip our members off as well. BRILLIANT!

Being a large organisation we can manage a large print run with our fundraiser calendars to keep the unit cost down to a minimum compared to the smaller, more effective and caring wildlife organisations. Do we pass this cost saving onto our members? Wash your mouth out. Who suggested that?

We have come up with this great idea to gouge more money from our dedicated, hardworking members. If the branches buy the calendars in bulk we can offer them a super deal at a never to be repeated price of $10 each and recommend they on-sell them at $18 and keep the $8 profit as branch fundraising. The beauty of this is, as Head Office, we have already covered our costs and gouged the branches for an extra, say $8 and we are ahead (plenty of Xmas Turkey & Champers there for the trough).

Without having to accept returns of unsold calendars, the branches have to clear them at $18 each and are stuck with any leftovers.

A quick check shows other wildlife organisations are prepared to print and supply their calendars at $10 each to the public and content with the profit they make. WIRES make a slightly larger profit (lower unit cost due high volume) from their members selling them the calendars at $10 each and leave it up to them to make any additional incremental profit for their branches as they on-sell them.

Maybe we can get away with doing the same thing with Hot-Cross Buns and Easter Eggs.

Merry Xmas.
poor goanna
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!poor goanna 2013-12-12 16:47
The story of the 2m goanna in Hornsby RSl in the Tele yesterday says it all. The story said "WIRES was called and could not come out because of the size of the creature. They said they'd need four people to capture it and they didn't have four people available". WIRES can no longer do its work because they don't have enough volunteers. And they don't have enough because of the way they treat them. In the end the animal suffers waiting to be rescued and so does the reputation of WIRES and its members.
About time
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!About time 2013-10-12 12:15
You've hit the nail on the head with this story. This is a sad indication of incompetency of NSW's largest wildlife rescue organisation. If the people trusted with looking after licence compliance of the whole organisation can't even update their own records, what are they doing with the rest of the organisations rules and state laws? Thank you reform wires for these revelations and Wires needs to be fully audited starting at the top. If this doesn't happen then NPWS is also in breach of their own rules and this should be investigated.
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!AGM TIME 2013-10-11 17:40
Wonder if this year all members are sent the names and profiles of those standing for the Board. Bet it will be the same as every other year and they are ignored. The board sees the members as not having anything to do with the election of the their board and council and are just the poor donkeys that do the work.
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!Amber 2013-10-14 09:47
They should also say how many years they have been on the board stopping other members from a chance to contribute. Even the American president is allowed only 2 terms. Until there is a time limit the monopoly of Fortier, Thomson, Verhoeven, Jupp and Martin will stay there and Watt will be able to return as well. Talk about the same old.
Take action
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!Take action 2013-10-15 10:30
If these people are the only ones nominating for the positions on the Board you can't expect anything to be any different. Unless members step up to the positions there will never be any change. And these people are never going change, they don't have the intellect.
no chance
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!no chance 2013-10-17 19:38
It is obvious why other members don't stand for the board. They know what happens to them if they do. Couple of years ago 2 stood for the board and Stan Wood and the same ones still there had the numbers to block them. After the election they were defamed and they then tried to kick one off the Council. Last year they kicked out a member who had the guts to stand for the board. So no one in there right mind would stand for the board and that is how they get away with it and never get kicked out. It is by fear and bullying.
support a new board
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!support a new board 2013-10-17 06:58
Some of these board members have complaints against them which they just ignore. Board members should have to state that they do not have any complaints against them when they stand for election to the board. That would knock out 3 of them. These Board members should not be there. WIRES needs board members who obey the rules.
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!Onlooker 2013-10-17 23:22
Hang on though. Yes, I know where you're coming from but if you are demanding fair process you have to give it as well. Having a complaint made doesn't mean you're guilty (as stories on here can evidence). And anyone could lay a complaint just to have a candidate eliminated. Fair play would call for something like a rule that if a complaint is investigated and substantiated the candidate would have to step down from his/her position.
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!Rogue 2013-10-25 11:17
Yes that is a fair point. I'm sure you are aware that the main problem is that complaints have been ignored for years,there are inconsistencies in the process and depending on who you are and the rules are not followed. No wonder people are upset and still leaving.
Lorry Van Driver
# BLOOD AND GUTSLorry Van Driver 2013-11-20 15:09
What happened when the Wires rescue phone Genius told the MOP to use a broom and chase the 5 day old duckling out into the street traffic. May be the executive and the manager might like to prepare an answer. As the question cannot be ignored. and will be asked in Public.

How about “leave the ducklings in the pool. They will fly away eventually”. I ask the Mop what were they supposed to eat. Maybe Wires can supply an answer to that advice. In the public domain.

The street was a Highway and the second matter was enclosed with no foliage.

How about picking up an animal. To be cared for by a wires member who never existed. Silly me!

What does Ms Robin Parker do to earn her money. She certainly does not answer correspondence and MR Herring Nat Parks says the problems with wires is beyond their resources. Despite the offer of funding by the applicant for information. What is he hiding? Who is he protecting? Why are wires permitted to continue to withhold resources and finance designated towards wildlife rescue and care. Only 2% of donations and Government funding. I see that as Fraud. $306.000.00 unaccounted for (pissed against the wall?) We would like an answer. It seems the answer is a problem May be time to refer it to a Government auditor.
support a new board
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!support a new board 2013-10-26 07:57
That's right Onlooker. There needs to be a rule that when a complaint is made against a board member it is dealt with and not ignored. This is what happens now.The board hopes it can expel the member or the member leaves WIRES before the complaint is investigated and it just goes away. This is not the way a charity should operate.
Fair Dinkum
# Fair Process - Don't think soFair Dinkum 2013-12-04 09:37
There is no such thing as a fair process in WIRES. Grievance policies /Constitution are disregarded. When an accused member brings this to the attention of the VSM or Board, he/she is simply ignored. The VSM /Board follow their own rules or make them up as they go along. No transparency, no communication.
return of a board buddy
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!return of a board buddy 2013-10-22 14:04
The permanent board members are no doubt celebrating the return to the board of their buddy Jim Watt. He has had a short spell on the outer as penance for destroying central west branch a couple of years ago when another member dared to beat him on the vote for WSC member. This removed him from his up to then permanent spot on the board and he retaliated. Jim Watt also had to lay low after being exposed for his policy to euthanase Eastern Grey joeys. Any other member would have been removed from WIRES immediately but they don't do that to their buddies. So it is back to the not forgotten past. Bill Thompson and Bill Fortier taking turns as Chair nice and comfy in not having to be accountable to anyone with their old mates Merrilee, Vanessa, Mike and Jim.
Do as I say
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!Do as I say 2013-09-26 19:42
Bill Fortier demanding members sign to keep quiet after he was elected as chair was just to show everyone he was the boss. Every member knew they had too sign, no discussion. What he did was a way to show his power to dominate over the council. Could be seen as bullying.
a joke
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!a joke 2013-09-27 18:09
Reps are called reps for a reason. Under the constitution they are supposed to represent branches and should report back to their branch on council business. The gagging of members by confidentiality agreements is nonsense. Members who signed had it put in front of them to sign and it was then taken away by Bill Fortier, He never gave them a copy. what sort of fair procedure is that?
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!reply 2013-09-28 20:54
No need to say more than he was a policeman working in the 1980s.
Its time
# Do as I say, not as I doIts time 2013-09-29 21:06
In response to 'what sort of fair procedure is that' - it is a typical WIRES procedure.
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!Anon 2013-09-26 15:09
I have said a month ago in "Free Speech" that members with complaints should forward them to Domino - perhaps she could contact Four Corners and have them investigate WIRES, my local branch is imploding because of the bullying and harassment. Since I put forward this option there has been no other posts, which leaves me to wonder - how serious are people or are we just whingers?
answer to Anon
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!answer to Anon 2013-09-27 18:03
Media people are looking at it but members have to be prepared to speak out in their own name. if not then branches should consider leaving in mass and joining other groups.
Its time
# Do as I say, not as I doIts time 2013-09-29 21:09
In response to Anon. I am no longer a member - but I am prepared to speak out in my own name.
But don't be surprised if people like me are simply dismissed as disgruntled ex-members - that has always been the response from WIRES.
Truth to be told
# RE: Do as I say, not as I doTruth to be told 2013-10-08 23:01
I am also prepared to speak out in my own name and I have more than a few truths to tell which can be backed with evidence.
Take action
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!Take action 2013-09-30 12:02
How serious are you? If you have a complaint regarding bullying and harassment write to the VSM if he does nothing then write Work cover. You must follow the processes however frustrating or long. If there are many complaints of this nature against the same person then authorities will have no choice but to investigate the person/s responsible and act. Take action don't just do nothing.
Kangaroo Court
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!Kangaroo Court 2013-10-08 14:10
The VSM is the last point if contact to go to. Extremely biased, very controlled by and in the pocket of Mr Fortier and his crownies. No details of complaints are provided, selected witnesses may be interviewed but no statements provided to you to correct any inaccuracies. Everything appears to be designed for an engineered outcome which suits the Board rather than the accused. Do you really expect a fair hearing or treatment? Any complaints should be dealt with at an independent and outside forum with an outcome that cannot be orchestrated by the Board.
Take action
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!Take action 2013-10-14 11:29
No I don't expect anything to happen. But if you don't go through the process the next government department you write to will certainly not do anything.
Fairy Penguin
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!Fairy Penguin 2013-09-25 23:23
WIRES claims the high moral ground, broadcasting they are the biggest and the best. What we now see is what some have suspected and even complained about for years. They can't even keep basic records that are in any way meaningful, let alone compliant with OEH.

The carers at the front line are good people, just like carers anywhere.

It is the organisation at the top that is an embarrassing sham.
Its time
# Don't do as they doIts time 2013-09-25 13:48
Stats have been a big problem in my local branch for many years. Attempts to have that situation rectified ended in the usual denials, then closing down the discussion, and finally the usual POT investigation. End result - members resigned, stats stayed the same, Bored Buddies all happy.
# MsWattlebird 2013-09-24 20:13
Bill Fortier needs thorough investigation commencing with the fact that he was asked to leave a wildlife organisation up on the Central Coast prior to his being able to join WIRES because he omitted to include this fact. In actual fact he should not even be a member of WIRES and he should be dismissed immediately. There is so much evidence now about his bullying and harassment of so many members that it is about time all these facts were made public via the media. Thank you to Reform WIRES for allowing current members a place to express their grievances because there is no where else. We have so many good volunteers and dedicated members in this organisation and this needs to be fixed now before any more people resign. As for that little friend in the cabinet of the NSW government - he did nothing for a member who went to him for help years ago.
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!Alice 2013-09-24 15:46
Maybe Bill Fortier could suggest to the Premier that he get the state MPS to sign confidentiality agreements so they can't tell their electorates what happens in parliament, the government's business be conducted in secret and the state be ruled by decree. Then it would just be like WIRES.
do as I do if you can
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!do as I do if you can 2013-09-25 06:40
Great way to avoid scrutiny if you can get away with it. Lucky that most dictatorships are overthrown in time. Live in hope that one day WIRES will be run as a democracy and the members and the donors will see what has been going on.
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!dusty 2013-09-23 13:50
perhaps the media SMH or ABC would interested in investigating these stories? It shames all the hard working members who do the right thing
Reality Check
# Nightmare catchup taskReality Check 2013-09-23 08:24
The stats are a horrible mess and always have been before and after the introduction of the current database. Getting them sorted would be a nightmare job starting with the appointment in every branch of an effective stats officer and data entry team that are properly trained. Unfortunately the samples given by RW are also inaccurate quoting callsheets that were supposedly entered by members who didn't join Wires until years after the intake date of the animals. i.e. giving the impression that the sample has been fiddled with.

[Reality Check: Due your allegations we checked the spreadsheet. It looks like an error occurred during processing which caused the callsheet data to be attributed to the wrong callsheet number. We have fixed that now. rw does not and will not "fiddle with" data we present here to misrepresent a situation - we do not lie. It would have been easier to have simply pointed out the inconsistency rather than throwing... you know... accusations. But thanks for alerting us to the problem anyway. Domino.]
Flat Fly
# RE: Nightmare catchup taskFlat Fly 2013-09-24 21:29
The only "fiddling" with the numbers on the data base is done by WIRES, each and every year as they distort the truth to deliver an eye pleasing result to submit to OEH / NPWS in their compulsory annual return.

What does it take to get OEH to audit the WIRES animal care record system?

Any other native animal welfare carer organisation who performed like WIRES would probably have their licence suspended or revoked.
a friend in heigh places
# RE: Do as I say, Not as I do!a friend in heigh places 2013-09-23 06:50
Rumour is Bill Fortier may have a little friend in the cabinet of the NSW government to look after him. Needs investigation.

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