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Lest We Forget


Just a few days ago, 10/12/13, a story about WIRES appeared in a local Sydney paper, the Hills Advocate. 

It demonstrates just how unprofessional and ineffective WIRES really is.

The article that appeared in print in The Daily Telegraph the next day went even further.


Fair Trading review of Associations


There is now a very good opportunity for members and ex-members to make changes to the way associations, such as WIRES, operate in NSW. The NSW Department of Fair Trading has released a discussion paper about how associatons can be better managed and you can make a submission.

As anyone who has contacted the Department of Fair Trading knows, the present Associations Incorporation Act does not give the Department the power to investigate internal problems within WIRES or any association. The Department has no power to take action against management of an association when the management disregards the organisation's constitution. WIRES knows this and uses it to their advantage. This leaves ordinary members at the mercy of the management. 

Submissions are due by 6 December 2013.

You can read the Discussion Paper and make your submission on the NSW Fair Trading’s website.


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