Merry Christmas

xspartacusChristmas 2011

The joy of Christmas. A time to give and reformWIRES has so much to give.

While over at WIRES HQ... they have giving on their minds too - someone has to give for you to receive right?

We received from a member of the public a Christmas begging letter they received from WIRES. Besides not knowing how many members they have (and putting the volunteers last on the list), the implication that WIRES pays for the immediate costs of animals in care is insulting. Take a look for yourself.


Begging letter front - link
Begging letter back - link

What's New?

This time in OPEN DEBATE its "Chicken for the girls, and beef for the boys" - sorry, "jobs for the boys";
And WHISTLING is a gift for you - say thank you, or maybe not.

See you all next year - drive safe and watch out for the roos!

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