Its the end of the world? Already?

spartacusf6Happy New Year! It's 2012 and in December it will be the end of the Mayan calendar known as "the long count". Some think the world will end in a disaster of biblical proportions: a polar shift, or a collision with a mysterious planet. So we had better get reform soon!

As we said from the beginning, this site is not all about WIRES. When talking about wildlife care in NSW one cannot avoid discussing the biggest rehabilitation group in the state. We are now broadening the discussion to other groups, the system more generally, government's role in the process, as well as the various approaches to wildlife rehabilitation across Australia. And all this before the end of time! Pressure!

A Volunteer's Story

We are always looking to you, our supporters, for information and ideas. We are also more than happy to publish an article if you feel so inclined (as long as it gets past legal and we like it).

Recently a long reply to a comment was posted in Open Debate. We liked it and so did many of you (and our legal roo gave it the nod). We are publishing it as a separate article. Click here to see it.

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The State of Wildlife Care

We have also introduced a new section called STATE SYSTEMS. Here we will review the wildlife rehabilitation policies and procedures of the other states of Australia. What are the advantages and the drawbacks? What might we use in NSW to make our system better, or even the best? What should we avoid? You will have the chance to discuss and comment on these questions. We are working on the first instalment now: We will start with the system in Victoria. Stay tuned.

What's New?

This time in OPEN DEBATE we look at grievances - in fact it might be the first time these grievances have seen the light of day;

And WHISTLING is some correspondence showing what to expect from government if the Board won't investigate a grievance against one of its own.

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