SpartOZcusHappy Oz-trailer Day!

A bit belated sorry. My travel agent in Sao Tome was meant to book me a flight home. She heard me say "OSS - TRAY - AH" and I ended up in Vienna. I must remember to pronounce the "LEA" next time. I still had a traditional Oz Day anyway with some ex-pats: Eating meat, having fights, applying temporary tats, throwen’em-down and chucken’em-up. I think that’s what I did – Bundy’s a bit like that. Can’t be sure if they are going down or coming up – tastes the same either way. Never mind – here now.  When I got back to reformWIRES’ Administration Office (we’ve stopped calling it “the lair”), I found so many messages left by our carrier-seagull service. Its been busier than the tone on the call centre’s phone…

You oughta be congratulated

Go to topGo straight to commentsAdd a commentOne lucky WIRES member was awarded an Australia Day honour last week, winning the Gosford Council Australia Day Environment Award. Did you know that? This person must have done something pretty extraordinary and we wonder why WIRES’ management hasn’t celebrated the achievement of this little Aussie battler. We wanted to contact the person who put this guy forward, to congratulate them on their very brave choice and ask them for their reasons. Unfortunately this person elected on the nomination form not to be identified. So we tried to figure it out ourselves…

It can’t be for long service as the winner has only just completed 5 years in WIRES. If Oz Day Honours were the measure, many members would have an Order of Australia by now. It can’t be for unblemished performance as there are still unresolved formal grievances against this member. Some information received here at Admin Office (formally “the lair”) alleges he was asked to leave another wildlife group before joining WIRES. He doesn’t do the most rescues and is not an expert in his particular species of choice. It can't be for harmonious branch functioning during his chairmanship: there was a Special General Meeting called by his branch in 2010 due to dissatisfaction - thankfully the board intervened to "smooth things over". We really couldn't figure out why he won the award but regardless of all this he still valiantly accepted.

What annoyed us at rW was the total lack of recognition he received from WIRES. Another extraordinary WIRES member ignored by the management. So we here at rW intend to celebrate his amazing win...

He is Bill Fortier, WIRES Board-member representing the Central Coast. Congratulations Bill on getting this award over all the other hard-working, long-serving, near-broke members of WIRES – you deserve it. As the WIRES Chairman put it last Volunteers' Week: You're a hero, mate. A WIRES hero.

Talking about Volunteers' Week...

You may remember that message we featured in “Whistling” on Christmas Day – the one sent out by the Chair “in celebration” of WIRES volunteers (if not, click here). In the agreement on the second page there was a stipulation that the member named remove from her vehicle, and further desist in displaying, some signage or other. It is WIRES policy that all use of the WIRES logo be authorised, so…

We have received here at Admin Office (formerly “the lair”) several copies of the latest WIRES North West Branch newsletter. This is the branch of board member Maggie Cooper. Towards the back is a picture: It is of a station-wagon and has the WIRES logo emblazoned across the entire back window. From our sources, this display is permanently incorporated into the car’s window and cannot be removed. We cannot find evidence of any approval being granted by the WSC for so graphic a display. This is an obvious breach of WIRES rules and flaunted flagrantly in the newsletter of a board member. There was also no attempt to obscure the number plate of the car – a personalised plate bearing the initials of the owner! Even worse, this newsletter encourages those who read it to pass it on to anyone they choose.

That leads to perhaps the worst of the worst… the newsletter details in clear step-by-step instructions how to break-in to the WIRES database. It is the opinion of one correspondent familiar with computing that the WIRES database is totally vulnerable to illegal access because of the lazy attitude of those who administer it. All would-be hackers need, according to this person, is a copy of a branch membership list and they can potentially erase or tamper with vital data. How can one be sure a hacker wasn’t one of the unknown recipients of this newsletter? Being responsible and security minded here at rW, we are not going to publish the photos, the instructions on gaining access to the database or the name of the owner of the offending vehicle.

Important notice about
the NWB Newsletter

Lifetime of service honoured

A current board member was not the only one to recieve recognition this Australia Day. Mikla Lewis, one of the founders of WIRES and its first executive officer, received the Medal of the Order of Australia.

After helping to found WIRES, Mikla then went on to form the native plant rescue organisation in the Blue Mountains. Eventually she moved to Grenfell where she helped found the Weddin-Lachlan Branch of WIRES. She is still its chair to this day. Mikla maintains her property as a conservation reserve and currently works with the Catchment Management Authority. Mikla was not nominated by the management or board of WIRES, and they did not provide references in support of her nomination. Her own branch and other long-serving WIRES members proudly put her forward.

Congratulations to you, Mikla Lewis OAM.

What's New?

As promised, WHISTLING has some more ever so enlightening correspondence about grievances. This time from Ron Haering at OEH.

oi, oi, oi

[As it was not possible to seek comments in response to allegations made in this article, Spartacus assures the individuals referred to that he will put up on the site any response received in reply to what has been said.]


# RE: OSS–TRAY–(LEA)-AH DAY, MATE!brushtail 2012-07-20 18:49
Who wants to bet he will stand for chair at the next AGM?
# RIP WIRESringtail 2012-07-23 08:45
If he does it will be the last nail in WIRES coffin. I can only imagine what he was like as a policeman.
pee wee
# Vote for a new WSC Reppee wee 2012-07-19 07:16
Central Coast members what is happening up there? I hear there is still unrest in the branch.
# RE: Vote for a new WSC Repmargaret 2012-07-19 13:36
Not a member of the branch but Bill Fortier is still running it with backing from the board because he is one of them so no change for the good of members is expected soon. Unrest will continue and more hard working members who say what is wrong will be pushed out.
# RE: OSS–TRAY–(LEA)-AH DAY, MATE!Cathy 2012-02-28 21:21
He nominated himself!!! I laughed when i heard he got an award. . . . Just makes it a joke for me from here on in - how can they give him the same award as the hard working passionate founder of wires central coast Dellas Johnston. That [edit] Bill Fortier allegedly single handedly pushed her out of the branch she worked so hard to establish because he was allegedly threatened by her in everyway!!
OAM my arse!!!
# RE: OSS–TRAY–(LEA)-AH DAY, MATE!Liz 2012-07-18 21:16
Hi Cathy, do you have the nomination? Can you send it to Spartacus so it can be put up on the site. Gosford Council wan't give the name of the person who nominated him.
# RE: OSS–TRAY–(LEA)-AH DAY, MATE!suspicious 2012-02-28 20:03
Does anyone know where to find the 2011 annual report? It should have been presented to all members at the AGM in October 2011 by posting on the intranet but only the 2009 and 2010 reports are there. Call me suspicious but i’m thinking there is something in it that shouldn’t be seen.
# RE: OSS–TRAY–(LEA)-AH DAY, MATE!guest 2012-02-24 07:51
In any well run organisation when a member is accused of some wrongdoing they are stood down (or they stand down before being asked) until a decision is made by an independent process as to whether it is true and decision made. In WIRES the person can stay in office and can even continue to care for wildlife if a complaint is made and this includes complaints for neglect of animals in care. And the government continues to support thismanagement!
a guest
# RE: OSS–TRAY–(LEA)-AH DAY, MATE!a guest 2012-02-06 19:27
If this award has any credibility the person who nominated him should come forward and be identified. For all the gosford council councillors know the person who nominted could be one of his friends or a political connection rather than someone who has no personal relationship. This should be a requirement to nominate as there is no reason for the name to be kept secret. The whole process should be open to scrutiny.
Noisy Miner
# RE: OSS–TRAY–(LEA)-AH DAY, MATE!Noisy Miner 2012-02-06 18:46
There are quite a few members and ex members on the Central Coast who knew of Bill Fortier’s situation with another wildlife organisation and YES he was asked to leave. Please look into this appauling situation.
# guest 2012-02-05 13:49
The Mangrove Mountain article is incorrect he was never (as far as I know) a member of Wildlife arc.
It’s time
# RE: OSS–TRAY–(LEA)-AH DAY, MATE!It’s time 2012-02-04 20:36
Mr Fortier seems to have been very busy wildlife carer indeed. One google search depicts he was Chairperson of Wildlife ARC and WIRES in April 2009 [Mangrove Mountain & Districts Community News, p 14]. If this is correct a very admirable record. However as many WIRES carers have noted in the past WIRES members are dissuaded from being a member of two licensed organisations, and are required to disclose such activity on their renewal form. Perhaps the entry in the Community News is not correct. Or perhaps Mr Fortier is a particularly special WIRES member.
[LINK TO MENTIONED NEWS STORY: http://www.k3s.com.au/Cnews/CN598/CN598.pdf
Blinky Bill
# RE: OSS–TRAY–(LEA)-AH DAY, MATE!Blinky Bill 2012-02-05 12:30
Assuming that the article is not a distortion of the truth, does this not prove that Bill (at the time) was in violation of Rule 2.5(b)(i) of the WIRES Constitution 2007???
How come he is still in WIRES???
Could it be that the Board, for whatever reason, simply failed to issue “written notice”???
# Guest 2012-02-06 08:34
Or he was never a member of ARC. Pretty hard to be chair of 2 at once. Paper got it wrong.
# Guest 2012-02-04 00:21
Was this for wires work or bush regen?
# guest 2012-02-04 17:23
This is from the Gosford Councils website - there is no mention of bush regen
Environment - William Fortier ...
William Fortier has been an integral part of WIRES Central Coast for many years. He has been instrumental in the training and mentoring of other volunteers, ensuring that the invaluable work of WIRES continues well into the future. William has been committed to raising awareness to the plight of unique and endangered species and is a strong advocate for the protection of native animals. His commitment and dedication were essential in assisting WIRES Central Coast complete 2,573 rescues last year.
[Thank you guest for that bit of detective work - want a job? or are you going for the WIRES van driver position which has just been internally advertised?, S.]
Magnum P.I.
# Magnum P.I. 2012-02-04 23:31
That’s hilarious! "many years", "2,573 rescues" shit! He must be exhausted - give the man medal! That’s classic!
# Guest 2012-02-05 22:55
Typical media stuffup about the 2 groups and the sentence reads that the branch completed that many rescues
# Magnum PI KBE KCMG 2012-02-06 13:58
Yes, but his commitment and dedication was essential in assisting them to complete the over two and a half thousand rescues (newspeak), that sort of means without him it wouldn’t have happened which I find sort find difficult to believe. He has been in WIRES 5 years not exactly a lifetime of service. That is from the Council site which is probably from the award application. Hilarious! You can’t spin your way out of this one guest!
# RE: OSS–TRAY–(LEA)-AH DAY, MATE!Margaret 2012-02-03 18:00
This award makes me angry as I’ve heard how some members have been treated. It may have been sought for political reasons as he may be planning a move to become the Chair. Council should be transparent and disclose the name of the person who nominated him and say what enquiries were made to justify the making of this award. As you say Spartacus there are so many other members who deserve such an award who have been in WIRES for longer, have worked harder and are not the subject of unresolved complaints.

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