The Last of the WIRES Vans Being Sold on RN

offtrackWIRES is out and about putting some polish on that rescue van - selling the service to an unsuspecting public.

In a radio documentary on Radio National aired yesterday, Joanne Wenban, WIRES Van Driver, spins the WIRES story to the hapless journalist. She conveniently forgets to mention to the audience that the organisation is in disarray.

Listen to Joanne lament that she finds it difficult to get volunteers to respond to rescues, but not tell the interviewer that the reason she can't get anyone is that WIRES' own members are treated with contempt. Also not mentioned is that WIRES has nowhere near as many members as they claim. And of course, she doesn't point out that the volunteers (the members who own WIRES) get almost ZERO financial support from the over $2 million WIRES raises each year (a lot of it from chasing dead estates).

Why is there only one van, Joanne? A question almost asked in the interview. It wasn't reported in this puff-piece that there were once two WIRES' Vans, but one was taken off the road due to woeful mismanagement and that no one was consulted about it - not the members or their elected representatives.

Oops, also forgot to mention that her van driver's position was the first time ever that WIRES advertised a job vacancy. This job vacancy was advertised hastily only when publicised it. Joanne was selected for it not in an open contest, but through an internal vacancy only available to WIRES' members and decided upon in secret by the WIRES' Board. Also she forgets to mention her very close long-held personal friendship with Maggie Cooper, WIRES Board member. She says she has worked for WIRES for 11 years but did not say if she had ever applied for any of the other roles she filled in that time.

Have a listen and a laugh as Joanne spins the WIRES myth - she is very skilled at that - the van driver is more a PR job than a rescue job - more a snow job than anything.

ABC Radio National - Off Track - WIRES Rescue Van


# Bossshoeless 2012-10-19 12:43
What the PM?
# SloggingBugger 2012-09-12 11:13
Listen to Joanne lament that she finds it difficult to get volunteers to respond to rescues. HUH!

From the horse’s mouth.

IT'S ALL THE VOLUNTEERS FAULT. Not the managements fault. So now we all know that us bloody lazy volunteers should be ashamed of ourselves. No wonder all the money is spent hiring staff to do our jobs. Were just lazy good for nothing volunteers
Sounds like Joanne is carrying Wires single handed. We did not know that Joanne was also answering calls and ringing volunteers for rescues. That is a little unfair considering that she is doing the work of two ambulances. She must be really Slogging.
# RE: Sloggingyellowtail 2012-09-12 18:32
Those volunteers are supposed to do all the work while the Board swans around having social gatherings with one another at a nice motel sharing meals,which they call board meetings. They do not have to justify to the members what they do as they refuse to provide board minutes. The volunteers on the other hand must not complain that they have too much work to do, have too many bills for food and vets and don't get any help and are not treated with respect. They are not given any rights to stand for positions on management or vote for the board and if they raise their heads to complain they could be bullied, bad mouthed, censured or kicked out. Not a happy lot for the real working volunteers in WIRES.
Its time
# RE: SloggingIts time 2012-09-12 23:33
Yes this has been the situation for years. Can anything be done about it? If so what? Or is it time to accept that this organisation is finished, and the members shoud move on to other organisations that have the capacity to provide for our wildlife?
Hans Kneesenbeg
# Change of wires policy?Hans Kneesenbeg 2012-09-04 08:10
From Wires Grave Robbers site.

WIRES Wildlife Rescue Quote:
more than one.?

We would like to call on everyone who cares about wildlife and who can see the tremendous help this ambulance provides to our wildlife and our dedicated volunteers, to Quote:
help us by donating to our WIRES Wildlife Ambulance Appeal.
Is this news or more deceit. An offer of a donation was made last year and it did not proceed as nobody could offer a written guarantee that it would be spent specifically.
This poses questions. If money is donated specifically for the use of a branch will Wires management send it back to the donor? Will the donor receive confirmation as to how it was spent.? How many years will the donor have to wait to see a annual report?
Can we take this add as a guarantee that the donors will receive a confirmation an annual report? or a refund if not used specifically for the purpose wires has stated. I think not. I think this is a dishonest and deceitful way of Grave Robbing Surely Wires management can set the standards bar to a credible level. This just lowers what should be Outstanding Integrity. Instead Wires is reduced to Quote:
unethical begging and deceit.
The Beak.
# Glow or GoThe Beak. 2012-09-04 07:20
How is it that Joanne does'nt were a safety vest? The others used to.
# VOTE (1 ) WILDLIFE FIRST PRIORITYHenri 2012-09-03 08:17
As lorry Van Driver said.

"You could be next"

It looks like Jilea was next.

I will not pity any of the existing Board if they manage to get back in after the AGM And not be the majority.
Any member who does not attend the AGM and punish this Board of management for its dereliction of Duty and Care for WIRES animals and members clearly does not care for animals and should consider their motive for being a member. We would rather a Board of rookies than a Board of incompetents. Remember that nobody is immune from the wroth of this gang of bullies. Nobody Not even the dead and dying donors. Not the drivers or the staff. Quote:
Blind Freddy.
# Stan the man the van and joanne can.Blind Freddy. 2012-08-28 09:16
Why is there only one van, Joanne? A question almost asked in the interview. It wasn't reported in this puff-piece that there were once two WIRES' Vans, but one was taken off the road due to woeful mismanagement and that no one was consulted about it - not the members or their elected representatives.

answer simple. Take Stan The 2 Vans add Joanne and Leanne deduct a man two add 2.600.000 million add them all together. divide by the first thing that comes into head and Voila you have WON.
# RE: The Last of the WIRES Vans Being Sold on RNguest 2012-08-12 19:56
How pathetic to rely on positive comments on this story from the GMs partner and a board member. Goes to show how isolated the board is from the members.
Bleeding Heart
# 24/7?Bleeding Heart 2012-08-07 12:45
Just reading the story about the rescue van, I don't understand why it is not on the road 24/7 what is is main purpose if an animal only can be helped 9am-5pm 5 days a week, can not some volunteers be found that can cover the non working hours of the paid driver, so were is this rescue van garaged? when not used by the paid driver wasn't the money donated for the rescue van to be for all the hard rescues like nights and to be able to be used 24/7 does the people that donated money for the rescue van know how it is being used? Maybe people that donate for a special use should be given up dates on how their money was spent and on what, as it must have been a large donation
# ABC censorshipJim 2012-08-07 09:40
I wrote a comment about that story on the ABC radio national website and they are not publishing it.

They are only publishing positive feedback. What a joke that is. Is the ABC in WIRES pocket too.
# RE: ABC censorshipGeorge 2012-08-12 20:05
See your comment is up Jim so you cant say the ABC is biased. You wouldn't get a comment up on the wires intranet though.
# RE: ABC censorshipJim 2012-08-12 20:18
That was the third comment. They didn't put up the other 2.
# RE: The Last of the WIRES Vans Being Sold on RNmember 2012-08-07 08:04
It takes a lot of time and effort for branches to train new members. The members are the most important part of WIRES. Yet management concerntrates on getting more bequests and putting money into donor chasing. This is a major part of the job of the general manager who has people skills and should be using her time to support WIRES members. Members do not stay, as they are not supported, so while the money is coming in from the public, there are not enough members to do the work. This is the reason there were only 1684 members for 30 June last year and many of these would not be active.
# Not very helpfulskippy 2012-08-13 09:16
The Board are not very helpful to members and often hinder them when they are trying to do their work.

Members volunteering to train new members at RICC training and specialised species courses now need to be WIRES approved for training. Essentially I don't have a problem with setting a standard for trainers but volunteer members are charged to complete the online course to help WIRES train new members and this in principal wrong.
# RE: Not very helpfulSaTAN WOOD 2012-08-14 09:06
yeah thats a joke. they won't even recognise qualified teachers not even dip.eds or phds. Just usual taking more $$$ from members pockets.
# Friends or being used?gentry 2012-08-06 23:49
Joanne and Maggie friends? well maybe if you need something from her you could let Maggie think that you are her friend for now until you do not need her.It will happen sooner or later. but who will stop this friendship first, Maggie? or the back stabber Joanne the user this makes a great soap to watch, the ending can go either way. Then there will be fireworks to watch. Don't worry about the animals someone else can look after them we are to busy with our own lives.
# Half truthsRose 2012-08-06 22:29
I just listened to the radio national story. Joanne didn't mention that animals get left at vets for days at a time because the call centre is so hopeless and they have no carers left in lots of areas. She forgets also to mention how animals are left to suffer for hours because the call centre is useless and the van only covers some parts of Sydney. Animals are often left unrescued for 10-12 hours.

This story is full of half truths meant to cover up how bad WIRES is at doing the job it says it does.
# more pr to counter bad pressApache 2012-08-06 22:02
I reckon this was set up by wires pr dept to counteract their bad press of late
they are so hopeless with their admin that this sort of thing could happen again.
# PR DepartmentTerry 2012-08-07 10:37
Apache, you are mistaken. The PR department was sacked last year in order to save funds to employ the van driver for another 12 months.
# RE: PR DepartmentApache 2012-08-07 10:44
Maybe that's why they've got joanne doing the pr now. give me a break wires gets millions every year so what is it wasting it on?
# RE: PR DepartmentTerry 2012-08-07 12:18
I am not sure I would want an unexperienced person with no degree or relevant training doing any pr for any business.

"wires gets millions every year so what is it wasting it on" - if there are no financial reports, how do you know they are getting these millions? Why would they sack so many staff and sell a van if they "get millions"?

What are you implying?
# RE: PR DepartmentApache 2012-08-07 12:47
I'm implying they waste money.

what joanne did in that story was pr!

look at the previous annual reports and see the millions.

why sell the van and sack so many staff if they get millions is a really good question that never gets answered

[I might add that this was reported previously on here: S.]
# RE: PR DepartmentTerry 2012-08-07 12:56
You are basing your argument on the assumption that they are getting the same money now as they got several years ago. Based on the current economic climate and financial troubles every other charity faces - I am going to assume that you are wrong by about 99.9%
# RE: PR DepartmentApache 2012-08-07 12:59
did you see the link spartacus added? are you saying he's 99.9% wrong?

[Perish the thought! I hope you two won't start bickering. S.]
# RE: PR DepartmentApache 2012-08-07 13:04
perish the thought!
please explain
# RE: PR Departmentplease explain 2012-08-07 15:24
The public financial records show they got in $2,591,821 in 2011 and spent $2,361,149 on operating costs ($1,008,049 on employees and $1,249,207 on admin). You cant argue against their own records Terry. A lot of this money is from bequests which dont change in bad economic times as you cant put off dying.
# RE: PR DepartmentKerry 2012-08-12 20:57
your wrong on that. wires makes profits most years and same in 2011
2009 $134k cash prof
2010 $4k loss
2011 $231k cash profit

every year they add more money in the bank balnce
2010 1.2mil
2011 1.7mil

thats cash not assets which would be more. They turnedover 2.5mil in 2011 but spent it all. in 2009 & 2010 2mil
lorry Van Driver.
# Grave Robberslorry Van Driver. 2012-08-13 09:29
People work their butts off and scrimp and save budget and do without. and expect their bequests to be treated the same. instead it gets pissed up against the wall by ungrateful selfish un-Australian greedy little unworthy undisciplined sneaky cowardly little weeds who would steal the snot from your handkerchief. I am so ashamed for the members of wires who sit back let it happen and will later say “What happened”. Get of your buts show some fortitude and Quote:
"Make it happen!".
You could be next.
# RE: PR Departmentmargaret 2012-08-07 15:10
They have enough money to pay for pr, a van and also support the members financially but decide to spend it on a large paid staff at HO. PR would not be needed if the members were happy and felt part of WIRES as they would be the best way to promote WIRES.
# RE: PR Departmentguest 2012-08-07 15:11
Wondered what happened to Jilea. Like other employees, they are there one minute and gone the next without any explanation given to the Council or members.
# RE: PR DepartmentPaula 2012-10-19 11:45
I suspect Jilea is Spartacus

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