Our First Adventure

spartacusf6Well our first adventure over. Thank you to everyone who has contributed and everyone who has read the articles.

Attention Seeking?

We have attracted some attention from right across Australia and internationally. Thanks to all those who have contacted us with suggestions, information and tips - all very handy and much appreciated. Remember if you have any documents or other evidence that we might use to bring about change, please make contact - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Where's WIRES?

This site is not only for those wanting change. We welcome the views of WIRES' management and Board. A special big thank you to Stan Wood, previous Chairman of WIRES, for his contribution.

 Where's Spartacus?

Attempts at extortion have been made to get our idenities - really! There is no evidence WIRES was involved in this. Those involved managed to access our tropical rebel compound, yet we still got away. We were going to reveal our location this week anyway so click here to find out where we are.

What's New?

This week there are two articles in OPEN DEBATE:

  • The first is about how the democratic will of the membership is just plainly ignored (exerpt below) - this makes change from within extremely difficult.
  • The other was supplied by an anonymous contributor and is all about what happens to Branches when they do stand up for themselves. 

And WHISTLING has gone from reptiles to birds.

PLEASE NOTE - you do not need to "log-in" to our site - there are no members. You can post a comment anytime as a guest - publicly anonymous.

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