WIRES undermines the NWC

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WIRES and the NSW Wildlife Council

WIRES has always had control of the NWC ever since it was set up. WIRES either dominated it or made sure whoever did was undermined.

In the last year WIRES has been on the nose with everyone in wildlife after rw revealed that Bill Fortier and Leanne Taylor intervened to cancel all wildlife rehabilitator's shooting licences in NSW. Some have alleged with some evidence to support it that this was done with lies and deceit. They had little suport on the NWC as the others groups finally figured out how power-crazed WIRES really was.

While WIRES was on the bench the NWC looked to be getting things done. Recently they considered hiring a CEO. Its not the first time but this time they just might have pulled themselves together long enough to have gotten it done. This scared WIRES. They could never get control of all wildlife rehab in NSW if the NWC was properly run by a decent CEO.

So, just after the NWC announced they were on the look out for a CEO, WIRES resigned from the NWC. This is designed to destabilise the NWC. The hope is they will be, as usual, stunned into inaction. WIRES can then go about saying it left because the NWC was useless and unprofessional, when in reality it has been made that way mainly by WIRES manipulations over many years.

The NWC has gone into a total state of confusion just as planned. It looks like WIRES might win with another dirty trick set up. They'll be asking the Minister to disband the NWC now and wanting OEH to give full control to WIRES. If they succeed this will be the fault of the NWC alone for not getting their acts together.



# Wildlife CarerSteve 2013-07-09 10:25
What a load of paranoid rubbish. As a former rep of the NWC I can say without hesitation that WIRES never bullied the NWC, and certainly never controlled it. It is ludicrous that the NWC wants to appoint a paid CEO - the money could be much better spent elsewhere. The NWC had promise, but has never really lived up to that promise. If they want a CEO - that is fine, but there are talented volunteers that could perform that role.
# Really Steve? You stand by what you're saying?Domino 2013-07-12 17:49
That's a very controversial idea you have there Steve.

So I expect we'll be seeing a volunteer General Manager at WIRES real soon then?

No. Thought not.

As usual there's one rule for WIRES and another for everyone else.

Nice try Steve.
Members mean votes
# RE: Wildlife CarerMembers mean votes 2013-07-12 21:21
Umm, was it WIRES who wanted to base representatives on the NWC on quantity of members in each organisation? Meaning that WIRES could make up to 1/2 the NWC and have 1/2 the votes? Just think how lucky the NWC would have been with the whole WIRES Board sitting on their council!
# RE: Wildlife Carerplover 2013-07-12 21:58
Problem with volunteers from the ranks is that they may not have management skills but get the position of ceo or on the board by bullying other members and forming alliances. This is how it works in WIRES.
# RE: Wildlife CarerCEO 2013-07-13 12:18
Or is it because you have heard rumours of a person applying for the job and don't like them? Maybe another reason WIRES pulled out of the NWC!
Fly On The Wall
# RE: Wildlife CarerFly On The Wall 2013-07-14 18:31
What you say fits exactly with what I would expect from an Ex-Rep of WIRES for the NWC.
# RE: WIRES undermines the NWCguest 2013-07-07 09:35
The NWC is well rid of WIRES as it will not want to be seen as connected when it after it becomes public what WIRES Board does to its members and how it spends the donations. There are in truth only about 1,600 members in WIRES if the inflated membership lists that list names of members who have left and staff members past and present are not used. That means that only .0056% of the membership who are the members on the board voted to leave the NWC. The other 99.99% of the membership had no idea of WIRES leaving.
Rudi Mentaree
# RE: WIRES undermines the NWCRudi Mentaree 2013-06-28 06:58
WIRES leaving the NWC is their choice and it has been coming for a while, at least a year. The motley mob of megalomaniacs are so frustrated that they can’t control the NWC in the way they desperately wanted to (does not play well with others) have spat the dummy and gone off on their relentless pursuit to run and rule every aspect of volunteer native animal welfare caring, firstly in New South Wales and then all of Australia if they can pull it off.

Of course WIRES has plans to push the NWC aside and seeks to place themselves as the representative of all NSW volunteer native animal rescue organisations. A bit like giving Dracula the keys to the blood bank! A bigger bunch of thugs and bullies at the top end of WIRES, you won’t find anywhere else in the field of volunteer native animal caring. WIRES drive for power and control is relentless and insatiable and nothing whatsoever to do with native animal welfare.

WIRES Inc. will not tolerate any differing opinions from their own membership and such expressions are heavily suppressed. No wonder there are many more ex-WIRES members on the outside than current members on the inside.

The NWC is not a licenced native wildlife carer organisation, it is a peak body representing those organisations. How can you possibly have WIRES, a licenced native wildlife animal carer organisation purport to represent or act on behalf of other similar organisations? What voice would other organisations have under any WIRES controlled representation?

WIRES blundered into the NSW Firearms Registry some 18 months ago and wrecked a long standing, stable and working firearms euthanasia practice across NSW for all injured/sick native wildlife. This practice had been working trouble free and without any abuse of the licence conditions (source within the FAR), one that had the support and cooperation of all NSW local country police stations and their local communities. It is believed WIRES are now planning a back-door approach to brown nose their way around the NSW FAR and the Minister’s office to secure a special place in the forthcoming amended firearms legislation.

Apparently, WIRES contribution to the NWC was minimal with their reps. often turning up late, only taking their place at the table to become preoccupied in twiddling with their iPhones or iPads during the meeting. They were only there to glean any information they could, not to participate or contribute in any constructive way. They wouldn’t stay for lunch, an excellent networking opportunity and chance to catch up on other general, non-agenda issues but rather chose to dash back to their comfort zone of WIRES HO and their protective shield of ‘fortress mentality’.

There is already a structure in place to represent the volunteer native wildlife carer organisations (and individual licence holders) in this state and that is the New South Wales Wildlife Council. WIRES Inc.’s departure from that representative body is a clear indication that they have a different agenda, one that will be to the detriment of ALL other native wildlife carers in NSW. This is the time for the NWC to reaffirm their position as the peak body for volunteer native wildlife carers in NSW and ensure OEH, the NSW Firearms Registry and all other government departments recognise that and treat them accordingly.
# RE: WIRES undermines the NWCAIS 2013-07-03 18:14
No one asked the members of WIRES if they wanted WIRES to leave the wildlife Council. Again another autocratic decision made by the Board without consultation with its members. A search of the wildlife council website shows that all the WIRES branches and members no longer exist which is exactly how they are seen by the Board.
Frank Komment
# RE: WIRES undermines the NWCFrank Komment 2013-07-06 22:59
We have WIRES Inc. with its fascist Board behaving badly and bankrolled by their fund raising juggernaut fed by deathbed collection tins. Controversial agenda items brought to the WIRES State Council are filtered and suppressed by the Board Secretary, never to see the light of day.

That is pretty much how the WIRES Board (Executives in particular) treats their members.

No wonder there are more leaving WIRES than joining.
Chris Bryant
# MsChris Bryant 2013-06-23 14:16
This is typical of WIRES Inc, lies bullying and intimidation of the members who question them or speak out. When will the minister listen, perhaps time to go to the media for an investigation. Our wildlife carers need care as much as the wildlife.
Fairy Penguin
# RE: MsFairy Penguin 2013-06-28 13:54
You are right Chris. As I mentioned in a post on another topic, the same applies.

“We’re WIRES, we’re the biggest, we’re the best, we know it all and if you have any doubts, just ask us and we’ll tell you … or crush you”.

It would be unacceptable if OEH, the NSW Firearms Registry, any other Gov. Dept. or the Minister were to give WIRES any preferential treatment whatsoever.

The Minister must take note of what is happening and prevent it becoming a major problem.
# RE: Msguest 2013-06-30 09:14
Hi Fairy Penguin, for many years members and ex members of WIRES have been considering going to the media but it is a last resort as everyone knows that a media investigation will impact on the good volunteers and the work they do. But the information for the media it is all ready and updated all the time as the chair and board continue on as usual and ignore the constitution.
# RE: WIRES undermines the NWCShirley 2013-06-19 19:40
Hi Domino,
I am a member of the NWC management Committee and I'm not sure where you are receiving your information from but please let me assure you that nothing could be further from the truth.
NWC represent ALL wildlife carers in NSW, if Wires decide to resign their membership of NWC while it is disappointing and leaves their members unrepresented on the council it is a Wires Board decision and is totally Wires business.
Wires are only 1 member group of the NWC, we have 24 members who work hard as a cohesive enthusiastic group for the betterment of the Wildlife and Wildlife Carers in NSW.
The Management Committee are at the moment looking to appoint a CEO, while we still have a way to go to make sure we get the best possible person for the job the frame work is falling into place and the NWC intend to carry out the correct procedure for appointing the person best suited to the position

Thank you
Gen X
# RE: WIRES undermines the NWCGen X 2013-06-28 12:48
Hi Shirley,
I am a WIRES member and do not agree with the previous or current Board of WIRES. I would like to comment that the mission of the NWC is not clear. There are some big issues facing our wildlife which NWC should be tackling but don't appear to be. With all due respect I don't see what the NWC has achieved over the 6 years of running. I could be mistaken here and would happy to be corrected on this. Why isn't the NWC lobbing Government on the big issues effecting our wildlife, motor vehicles, cats and dogs and habitat destruction? A new system for wildlife licences wouldn't hurt either.
I think a paid CEO would be a great investment, great idea.
Enough Rope
# RE: WIRES undermines the NWCEnough Rope 2013-07-03 18:54
Hi Gen X,

The RW is a Reform WIRES site and not really intended to be a Reform NWC site. However, the points you raised are interesting and certainly deserving of a response.

In simple terms, the NWC is made up of Reps. and Alternates from all Volunteer Wildlife Native Animal Carer organisations in NSW, including WIRES at the time. The higher the contribution level by the Reps, the better the chances are of progressing the key issues. Apparently WIRES contribution at the NWC was negligible, except for the notable occasion when they bypassed the NWC, blundered into the NSW Firearms Registry and torpedoed what was a very good euthanasia practice.

The NWC has been fully occupied and involved in the development of all of the current OEH Codes of Practice in use with two more planned. There has been a lot of repair work done with the NSW Firearms Registry including completion and approval of a firearms training package and shooters guide for use by all NSW volunteer native animal wildlife carers. A lot of work and some progress has been achieved in the area of kangaroo culls and particularly with Flying Fox issues (potential eradication and forced migration) and the list goes on.

Apparently, the WIRES NWC Reps. never brought any NWC information updates back to the WIRES State Council except, for a string of thinly veiled negative innuendos. With no information being passed to the WIRES State Council for their Reps. to relay back to their Branch Membership, it is not surprising as a WIRES member, you have no clear impression of what the NWC does. If it’s not WIRES owned or controlled the Board will not recognise any outside contributions.

If like WIRES, the NWC were fortunate enough to rake in donation money to the tune of $2M annually and only had to drip feed 2% of that for native wildlife and another 2% for branch support, there would be a lot of funds left over to promote the issues the NWC are addressing.

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