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whistleSilence protects those doing wrong... So make a noise.

If you have information about corruption, harassment of volunteers, dangers to the public or to native animals, and want to blow the whistle without reprisal, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Feral? Is that you?

Crested Pigeon ChicksWIRES kills native birds

rw has been alerted to a very distressing incident. Unfortunately it is not the first time this has happened. One would think after all these years and so many similar events, WIRES would have worked it out by now. Incompetent.


Who you know, not what you know

2crappychairsMany members will remember rW story “Winning every time, making your own luck” when in 2010 Merilee Verhoeven was voted out by her Blue Mountains Branch as the branch representative on the WSC and Board. But then voted back onto the WSC and Board as a representative of a management team.

In fact Merrilee has racked up some back up positions since 2010 and is now on three management teams; they are the Governance, Admin and Training and Small mammals teams.
Which is why it comes as a surprise to rW that Merrilee Verhoeven recently nominated herself for another position on the WSC: As the Blue Mountains WSC representative. Yes! The same branch who has kicked her out a few times! Talk about front!

Merrilee Verhoeven claims her position on the WIRES Board via a Management Team is legitimate, so what then was the reason for nominating herself recently as the Blue Mountains WSC representative? Is she trying to collect a set? Is the Board playing Gin Rummy with Branches to keep themselves amused? "Oh look Mike, I've got 3 Management Teams and a Branch; What have you got?" Happily we can report that she lost the nomination in a resounding and undeniable rejection of her nomination.


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