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Duck and cover?

reformWIRES has been shown a new post this time from WIRES' facebook page. Although its mean't to be well meaning, it shows a picture of cute ducklings that were saved by the WIRES rescue van. There are some concerning practices.  

Go to topGo straight to commentsAdd a commentMost of the pictures and stories on the WIRES facebook page are great and give the community an insite on the everyday work WIRES volunteers do. Is anyone now checking these photos before they are placed into the public arena? Would this bad choice of photo have anything to do with the departure of the media person who had been with WIRES for many years?

Come on WIRES, is it acceptable to put young duckings in pools of water so they get wet? Where is the heat source? What about a towel or soft flooring instead of the hard potentionaly slippery surface? Don't black pacifc ducks eat their food in water? What about the use of shallow dishes so the ducks can get out easily on their own? What is that in the food dish?

A concerned WIRES member made a comment on the ducklings potentialy harming situation. We specially enjoyed the response that they were manually dried after their swim. Trained wildllife carers recognise these are wild animals, not pets. They do not want or like human handling, which must be kept to a minimum.

This may have been a temporary situation but is it appropriate to show the public bad care standards? We realise the public may think this is ok, but is it acceptable practice for the largest wildlife rehabilitator who should know better?


white ant
# RE: No ducking ifea!white ant 2011-12-29 10:39
I noticed that this photo and article have been taken off the WIRES facebook page. Congratulations WIRES
# RE: No ducking ifea!guest 2012-01-04 00:15
Don’t you mean congratulations Spartacus?
# RE: No ducking ifea!mary 2011-12-26 08:02
I know who guest is,she is like this with everything,won’t listen,but has a really big mouth on several matters,and her ego is just as big.
# RE: No ducking ifea!BB2 2011-12-06 15:10
This is a photo taken in time.. a small amount of time. noone knows how these guys were rasied. but everyone jumps straing on the bandwagon to carry on about the “photo”. gee people if you complained about every photo on this planet your gonna be damn busy!!!! get the facts about everything, not just one second in time!!!!! this seems to be the norm on this website. get a photo and off we go!!!! thought everybody should have better things to do with their time
# RE: No ducking ifea!Mutt 2011-12-06 16:39
Every picture tells a story. Especially those that are published on official pages and cleared for release by management. Some people have asked questions some have made comments. Is free speech limited to your side of the argument?
# RE: No ducking ifea!battered 2011-12-09 10:44
I notice that comments made under this photo on the WRIES facebook page, that tried to point out the facts of how ducklings should be more appropriately housed, have been removed.
How typical. Don’t address the problem; instead, silence those who try to improve things; pretend everything is OK; label anyone who speaks out as being trouble-makers with ulterior motives.
Shooting the messenger has long been a WRIES tactic.
The reality is, our motives ARE about animal welfare.
Free speech? Not in this organisation!
Thanks to ReformWIRES we have an avenue to speak out about the injustices to wildlife & carers.
# RE: No ducking ifea!battered 2011-12-05 18:59
I always wondered why other Carers spoke of ducklings dying, & if this pic is an example, I now understand WHY!
My rehab wild ducklings & pet / domestic ducklings at this age are given small water bowls that they cannot get into. Also, small feed bowls that are shaped to avoid being contaminated with faeces (as much as is possible with ducklings).They have a heat source readily avialable at all times; & a cosy sheltered area. They have non-slip mats, to avoid leg injuries, as newly hatched poultry & waterbirds are prone to. These mats are so cheap, & so easily cleaned, why would a “carer” not use them?
The poor little ducklings in this pic are absolutely drenched. They appear to have no warm cosy spot to dry off. There is no natural green vege.
How long were they kept in these conditions???
This pic was / is used on the Facebook page!?! Good grief! The professionalism of this organisation, & the care provided to wildlife is worse now than it ever has been. God help our wildlife if OEH (or someone) doesn’t care enough to crush the current culture of suppression of members’ serious concerns, & the blinkers being on WIRES management allowing animal neglect.
# RE: No ducking ifea!battered 2011-12-05 19:00
Does anyone know how many of this batch of ducklings actually survived their “trained care”?
# RE: No ducking ifea!Guest 2011-12-06 14:59
Yes - they all survived and were released. The problem with photos is they are a “place and time”. This was not the care facility for the ducklings. It was a temporary holding pen when they had just been delivered into care. They were raised in the appropriate method, including heat, slip mats etc etc.
I think maybe people should know the facts before mouthing off about care standards. That is the down side of websites such as this. There can be no real open “debate” as all the facts are not available but people are very keen to voice their disapproval. Remember, the majority of people in wires are in it to care for and rehabilitate our native animals. They are volunteering their time, resources and money to do this. Please don’t make sweeping generalisations with backing or support of your claims.
a guest
# RE: No ducking ifea!a guest 2011-12-06 15:29
What you say guest is fair enough but doesn’t explain why these ducklings were exposed to this very unsatisfactory situation. The proper care set up that you describe should have been the one photographed. Can’t think of any reason for the ducklings to have been exposed to risk and for this photo to be put up for new carers to see which could mislead them. hope it has been taken down.
# RE: No ducking ifea!Mutt 2011-12-06 16:44
Just because someone volunteers time and money doesn’t give them the right to endanger ducklings, treat wild animals like they were pets and advocate this behaviour on official pages. The [EDIT} WIRES employees in question [EDIT] are out there representing us in the world [EDIT]. What other facts do we need? I would invite you to a constructive debate rather than using derogative terms just to reinforce your own point.
# RE: No ducking ifea!battered 2011-12-06 23:22
“It was a temporary holding pen when they had just been delivered into care” stated “Guest”.
My training & experience is that baby birds, including ducklings just delivered into care require warmth & quiet secure environments to recover from the stress of the events leading to their rescue.
I think you should really assess the photo “Guest”, before “mouthing off” about “sweeping generalisations”.
A MOP might naively hold ducklings in this manner while awaiting the WIRES Ambulance, but surely you would agree it is a less than satisfactory example of appropriate care from a supposedly professional rescue & rehab organisation!
# RE: No ducking ifea!battered 2011-12-06 23:36
“Yes - they all survived and were released” stated Guest.
According to the Facebook page, this photo was taken during the week of 25th November, & the ducklings “had sadly lost their parents”. That is less than 2 weeks ago; & you say “they were raised in the appropriate method & released”! That is either a poorly considered porky, or yet further confirmation of the sub-standard care they seem to have received!
You may be able to fool some of the people some of the time ...... but .... nuh .... not me .. not this time.
# RE: No ducking ifea!Mutt 2011-12-07 11:40
Oh my god did they release these young ducklings? They were not at all old enough to be released! So were we just lied to or do they just not care about animals chances of survival?
# RE: No ducking ifea!guest 2011-12-09 13:52
i’d have to agree with you.
Ducklings swim with their parents in ponds at the park- a much larger body of water than the dish- in fact, they are exposed to all kinds of hazards when they are in their ’natural’ environment. It’s clear here that despite them being wet, it is a sunny day and they are in a controlled space. If this was a child it would be like telling their parents off for letting them play in the park and risking them falling over. The floor of the play pool is slippery but so is moss, mud and wet rocks. This is obviously not their actual living arrangement. However, the take away container is probably not the most appropriate... I think some of us are underestimating the capability of these baby ducks and over criticising the picture. Though they are babies, they still possess the capabilities of adaptation.
How do you know that they weren’t put in a different quarter with a heat mat/source?
All we have is a picture and the only story it tells is that there was a group of baby ducks playing/ getting wet in what appears to be a paddling pool on a sunny day with an overly large container of feed (or sand?- can’t say because it’s not clear). Ducks don’t smile, but in my opinion- they look rather pleased.
white ant
# RE: No ducking ifea!white ant 2011-12-10 15:05
I have never seen a drenched duckling like in the photograph in the wild.
# RE: No ducking ifea!guest 2011-12-11 09:43
that’s assuming you spend a lot of time ’in the wild’ observing ducks. surely not.
# RE: No ducking ifea!Mutt 2011-12-12 11:29
Guest once you’ll spend hours on end driving to rescue calls only to find dead ducklings that have died of hypothermia because the MOP thought they needed to be in water or have been told to provide a large bowl of water, then and only then we can discuss this issue again. I for one have had about 5 ducklings die this way. You? Or are you just trolling?
# RE: No ducking ifea!guest 2011-12-14 09:27
I am speaking from the carers side. In which case- here- on the side of WIRES.
i know that MOPs are often mislead and have had 3 ducklings die from hypothermia because MOPs did not provide them a heat source so by the time I got to them, they were limp. In part I blame the call center for having not told them the correct thing to do. Yes, I’d have to agree that MOP’s are under many delusions about what wildlife eat and how they live but I am assuming this photo was taken with a carer.
In which case, how do we know that the carer did not keep them warm otherwise? ducklings ’do’ swim in ponds, ducklings ’do’ get wet, in fact they are born wet when the hatch, then what happens when this occurs and there is no one to dry them off? they just drop dead? If this is picture was with a member of public- then we can’t really judge the care of WIRES for these ducklings. If this picture was with a carer, then we are making other assumptions away from this picture. But in all honesty, tell me which of them looks sickly.
# RE: No ducking ifea!Fembot 2012-01-27 16:33
Guest...... ppl should know the facts before they mouth off? wires doesnt share facts & when they do they fuck it up! What are u on? Who r u 4? Histry of bullshit out of wires means no 1 trusts them. Read below 4 proof...... caught out lying? Ducks dont smile? jeez thats observant!

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