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Half way through last year, a member of WIRES attempted to gain access to information held by the Office of Environment and Heritage. This was done via the Manager for Wildlife Licensing - Mr Haering - through the NSW GIPA legislation (Government Information(Public Access) - once known as FOI).

Of course the request was denied; but why it was denied is something else. 


Go to topGo straight to commentsAdd a commentThe request was for details about any and all complaints made to OEH about WIRES from early 2010 onwards. Mr Haering, after an initial refusal, implied that he could not supply the infomation because there were too many complaints about WIRES, or did he just not want to comply with GIPA? You can read the exchange and decide for yourself.


It’s time
# RE: Red Haering or Smoked GIPAsIt’s time 2012-03-18 12:19
Does anyone know if in fact Ron Haering was a WIRES member, and if so what years and which branch?
I imagine if he was a member of a wildlife organisation as an extension of his role in the Licensing Unit then that should be on public record.
If he was a member of a wildlife organisation in a private capacity then any discussions, deliberations, decisions involving that organisation should be accompanied by a declaration of conflict of interest - shouldn’t it?
# RE: Red Haering or Smoked GIPAsGuest 2012-03-18 16:48
Wh en I met him about 9 maybe 10 years ago he wasnt but dont know befor thn.
Yellow tail
# RE: Red Haering or Smoked GIPAsYellow tail 2012-02-04 14:04
Some postings to this site have suggested that there may be a friendship between Mr Haering and members of the Board or previous Board. As a public servant and being responsible for WIRES compliance with the conditions of its licence, he no doubt would be very mindful of not getting into such a position as any friendship would reflect upon his ability to properly perform his duties in ensuring compliance.
It appears that Mr Haering has held the same position for a long time, and this may be the reason for the perception by some of friendships with members of the Board. Perhaps It would be prudent of the government to change the person responsible for licensing on a regular basis to avoid such a perception and to bring in new blood to this very important function of governmment.
# RE: Red Haering or Smoked GIPAsguest 2012-02-04 15:02
From Ron Hearings WIRES registration number it looks like he was either a member a long time ago or the Department officer responsible for many years.
It’s time
# RE: Red Haering or Smoked GIPAsIt’s time 2012-02-04 18:58
Well if that is/was the case it would go a long way in explaining why my business with RH was treated with what could be described as extreme apathy verging on contempt.
Seems there could be a case for a review of decisions made if in fact it was due to a serious conflict of interest. I would certainly be happy to provide information if that were to occur.
Noisy Miner
# RE: Red Haering or Smoked GIPAsNoisy Miner 2012-02-04 10:25
Hi Guest - what a good idea about getting a journalist to make application. This whole WIRES debacle needs to be aired publicly in the media so that donors know where their money is being used and how this organisation treats its volunteers.
# RE: Red Haering or Smoked GIPAsvampiro 2012-02-03 16:56
Consummate public servant Mr Haering was instrumental in preventing a group of us who, sick of WIRES bullying and [EDIT] and the time it took trying to fight it, wanted to start a new wildlife rescue and care group in our area. We have experience and training coming out our ears. Our application was impeccable.
We were refused first time around, also when we appealed, and were given no reason for the refusal that ever made any sense. Ron told one of us subsequently in person "not to bother" reapplying. Is Ron perchance a good friend of any WIRES Board members, past or present? Sadly, I think I know the answer to that one...
Noisy Miner
# RE: Red Haering or Smoked GIPAsNoisy Miner 2012-02-04 10:22
I have thought, in the past, that your statement “Is Ron perchance a good friend of any WIRES Board members” and decided myself that this must be so because DECCW continually ignore complaints about WIRES. I personally know of quite a few complaints that were sent in over the last few years.
a guest
# RE: Red Haering or Smoked GIPAsa guest 2012-02-04 14:56
Maybe Freedom of Information requests can be avoided by everyone sending in the information they have about complaints to Spartacus.
# RE: Red Haering or Smoked GIPAsSpartacus 2012-02-04 16:32
As Ronald Reagan said in the movie ’Knute Rockne, All American’:
“The last thing George said to me, ’Rock,’ he said, ’sometime when the team is up against it and the breaks are beating the boys, tell them to go out there with all they’ve got and win just one for the GIPA!”
Soon to be ex member
# RE: Red Haering or Smoked GIPAsSoon to be ex member 2012-02-04 14:27
It’s about time DECCW extended licences to “experienced” groups or individuals. Many of these people have written manuals and run courses but because of the bureaucracy and the “associations” between Board members and certain members of WIRES we are losing so much knowledge and experience that regardless of what people say I am sure it is the animals that suffer. While we have the current flood situation it is a catastrophe that so many animals will not be rescued and rehabilitated but we can blame the Board, the bullying and victimisation and the bureaucracy for this.
Yellow tail
# RE: Red Haering or Smoked GIPAsYellow tail 2012-02-06 08:01
Hope it is by your choice soon to be ex member.
It’s time
# RE: Red Haering or Smoked GIPAsIt’s time 2012-02-03 11:39
The Sydney Morning Herald used to have a journalist interested in FOI issues - Matthew Moore was his name.
From my experience the Licensing Unit is very quick to circulate information to WIRES but not so quick when it comes to investigating complaints against WIRES.
# RE: Red Haering or Smoked GIPAsguest 2012-02-03 08:03
Suggest you get a journalist to make the application as they seem to have more success getting information from the government. Many would like to know the number of public complaints that have been made and if any action has been taken by OEH to invesitgate them. Members do not want to belong to an organisation and donors don’t want to give money if Wires is not doing the right thing.

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