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WombatWombats Treated Badly

rw has received communications from a concerned rehabilitator about the activities and policies of WIRES, particularly in the Wingecarribee and Southern Tablelands branches. It would seem that both branches have a policy of euthanizing healthy wombat joeys under 500 grams. This is apparently WIRES' state wide policy. However, as with all WIRES policy, not all branches follow it. There are a number of members of both Wingecarribee and Southern Tablelands branches, including people holding important positions, who have openly confirmed that this is the official policy.

Go to topGo straight to commentsAdd a commentThere are numerous reports of alleged inappropriate euthanasia. In one account, an uninjured wombat joey was taken to a vet who euthanized it by an injection into the heart without sedation. In another instance, a member offered to raise a 220g wombat joey but was told to take it to the vet for euthanasia or else they would “lose their licence”. In another alleged incident, a healthy furred wombat joey was taken by a WIRES member to a person named Helen George who judged it, in her opinion, to be ‘not viable’ - she then cut off its head with an axe. According to highly regarded and experienced vets, decapitation is not a humane way to kill an animal because the brain lives on for a considerable time after the neck has been severed. These incidents have greatly disturbed those who have been witness to them. Yet, as members of WIRES they are powerless to have anything done about these abuses.

Helen George is the prime advocate and supposed "author" of this particular WIRES policy. She argues that joeys are not viable under 500g and will not survive as adults in the wild. She, along with another long term WIRES member named Gaylene Parker, have been known as wombat “gurus” in WIRES for a considerable time and have conducted a large number of training courses. They have also produced training manuals which are still followed within WIRES.

Many carers from other groups and from WIRES, over many years, have raised joeys less than 500g (some as small as 110g) which have survived to adulthood and been successfully released. Any wildlife rehabilitator with experience will know someone who has successfully raised to release many joeys under this weight. Many examples are easily found of wombats rescued at 200g growing into healthy adults and successfully reproducing in the wild after release.

One reason suggested by some for wombats not surviving post release when rehabilitated by WIRES, is that WIRES also has a policy of releasing the animals at 10 to 12 kilograms. Many wombat experts consider that at this size wombats without maternal care will rarely survive in the wild. Many non-WIRES rehabilitators release wombats much later, when the animal is 25 to 30 kilos in weight, and have very good success rates, unlike WIRES. This is another policy promoted (and perhaps initiated) by Helen George and is still being practised by the two branches mentioned at the beginning of this article.

One particular incident reported to rw involved a WIRES member being forced to give up two joeys weighing around 10 kilos each. These immature joeys were then taken to a release site and released in the middle of winter. The animals would not, most probably, have survived. If WIRES members refuse to go along with this practice, as per the standard means of persuasion in WIRES, they face the threat of being expelled, and with expulsion goes their licence. Many cases like this have occurred over the years, some quite recently. Nothing changes, and nothing will, while WIRES can summarily remove a member's licence. The government, through the OEH and NPWS, is yet to address this issue.


# Training this weekendanon 2013-04-23 08:33
There is a WIRES wombat training course on this weekend anyone attending?
Jocelyn Vettoretti
# SweeperJocelyn Vettoretti 2013-04-22 21:22
I am amazed that you all believe the tales that are being told about HG and GP. They have both dedicated their lives to the aninals they love - don't let some unsubstantiated ooments cloud your minds. Remember we are all in there for what is best for the animals - sounds trite I know but after 12 yers with WIRES I know that there are a lot of us that do try
# all too truejennifer 2013-04-23 16:46
Jocelyn, I am sure you believe what you are saying, but this also means you are happy with the barbaric methods of EU and early release these two ladies preach.
The trouble with some people in Wires and especially Wingecarribee branch they live in a time warp. There is a wealth of knowledge out there which disputes what HG and GP preach, but they are so single minded that no one else could possible know anything about Wombats but themselves. Ask yourself, does a mother Wombat push her joey away at 12kgs, the answer is NO. So, why does HG and GP say they should be released at this age. Please don't tell they don't, because your own wombat coordinator has told so many people all over the place that they do.
At 12 kgs they have no great digging skills or are they bush wise. This can only come with time when they are in our care.I have raised a lot of Wombats over many years and i have personally seen what happens to wild 12kg Wombats when they are separated from their mothers. It is not a pretty site, I can assure you.
Wombats need to be aggressive and very solid when they are ready to be released. It is such a shame that Wires Wombat carers have to be subjected to a very limited view when it comes to raising Wombats. Look outside the square, you don't have to agree with it all, but make up your own mind, not be told how to think.
Drowning not waving
# Wombat neglect?Drowning not waving 2013-07-30 13:53
This can't be right - who on earth would continue to house animals in flood-prone areas? Sounds like neglect to me:


"Jul 19, 2013 4:29pm
All you can do is cry for the ones you know you have lost when this happens. If only one wombat dies, we are lucky. The creek is gone again which means so are all the burrows and not sure about the wombats. I cannot get to the burrows under the water right now. We lost a lot of wombats in the 2010 floods. You can see from the water, which rose in a matter of minutes to this level (still rising) that they don't stand a chance."
# RE: Wombat neglect?Onlooker 2013-08-05 18:40
Were these in care or part of the local population though? Whenever I see news of catastrophic fires or floods I feel for wildlife carers caught with the responsibility of trying to save their charges as well as themselves and their families
bronwyn Jarman
# Saddenedbronwyn Jarman 2013-04-18 17:39
It is a great shame that wildlife carers are wasting their time running one another down.
Do the work, build a reputation where you are consulted by zoos , Universities Australia and world wide as these ladies have done. Everyone thinks that they "do it right " . Document it . present papers ,
Put your methods out there for scrutiny.
Surely we are all trying to do the best thing for the animals .
Prove your way is better.
Dont take a disgruntled members word that things are not done correctly. There are many of us to attest otherwise.
Carola Vamvakaris
# I dont waste my timeCarola Vamvakaris 2013-04-18 18:35
Thank you Bronwyn for calling those who have given their factual input into this discussion timewasters. We have a right to speak up when a place is given that we can voice our opinion.

If you happen to read through some of the comments, they are made by legitimate wildlife carers and I take offence that you are basically calling me a liar, when I say what I heard with my own ears at a training course run by one of the "gurus". It was not only me, I have other members of our organisation who also heard and commented on what was said.

I am using my name, I am not hiding and I would stand up in court and testify if it was required.
WIRES member
# RE: I dont waste my timeWIRES member 2013-04-18 19:38
You are very courageous Carola and those other carers who have come on this site. Shame that the discussion on the care of wombats has been diminished by the antics of the hacker. The RSPCA should investigate what is being said. It is independent and has experienced people who can look at what has been seen or heard.
# good for youcurrawong 2013-04-18 23:34
Hi Carola
You and the ers are brave to put you names on here, now that there is no moderation - or is there. It is interesting that this issue has raised a lot he more interest than the C Lloyd story-maybe because he has moved on and is still intact and above petty crap. there is plenty of people saying the current wires stuff is crAP. if I ever find a joey lets hope I can give it to someone in your organisation!
Carola Vamvakaris
# Not really braveryCarola Vamvakaris 2013-04-19 19:17
Hi Currawong

It's not really a case of bravery it's more that I believe in doing what you feel is the right thing to do. The fact that I use my name is because I don't have to fear any repercussions because I am not a member of the group in question.

I feel for those carers in WIRES who have tried to speak up or feel they cannot because it falls on deaf ears.

There will always be those who dispute the allegations that are being made because they won't come out and say "Oh yes I did that etc etc" Exactly the same as someone pleading not guilty when in fact they are. Human nature is to protect oneself.

If you can safely stand up and be counted then speak up, more needs to be done and I have every intention of not shutting up and succumbing to threats.
# RE: Saddenedjennifer 2013-04-19 09:04
Is this the same Bronwyn Jarman who a few years ago was the Macropod Coordinator for the Wingecarribee branch? If so, you are also the person who decided that all Eastern grey joeys were to be EU. This practices was repugnant to several member of your branch and ultimately lead to them leaving Wires. You are also a very close friend of the "guru's" in question, so of course you will agree with their practices.
# RE: SaddenedX-WIRES 2013-04-19 20:31
Of course Bronwyn Jarman is a very close friend of "guru's", Helen George in particular. Apparently they share the same "Wambaroo" bed together. HG was on the gound floor in developing the product and BJ is now the NSW distributor for selling it, taking over from HG.

The unsubstantiated suggestion is there is a financial connection between the two of them in there somewhere.
Carola Vamvakaris
# Conflict of Interest ?Carola Vamvakaris 2013-04-19 20:44
It is interesting that a reseller of a product who conducts a training course advocates the use of a milk formula as the "only" one to be used and specifically names another brand or brands stating that they are not suitable.

At the beginning of the training course or throughout the training course no mention is made that there is a financial interest in the sale of the said "only" brand.

Food for thought......
# RE: Conflict of Interest ?wombat 2013-04-20 07:55
If this is true then it is not the first time that a member of wires as a trainer has obtained a financial benefit from selling a product at a training course and not disclosed the interest. A former board member and his wife used to do the same. You would expect Wires to have a policy against this conflict of interst.
# RE: Conflict of Interest ?Onlooker 2013-04-20 09:46
I think they do now as a result of
the very trainer you are talking
about. There were a lot of complaints
including from other trainers.
Carola Vamvakaris
# Conflict of Interest ?Carola Vamvakaris 2013-04-20 10:37
I hope this is the case and if it is it's a step forward which is great.

I wonder if someone could point us to the constitution for WIRES where this clause would be ?
# RE: Conflict of Interest ?Onlooker 2013-04-20 11:00
I meant the board member. I don't know about HG as she's not a member and I don't do macs. I was one of the people who complained directly to the seller and to the standards team and believe it was brought up at the next WSC meeting. We're going back a few years now.
Carola Vamvakaris
# Conflict of Interest ?Carola Vamvakaris 2013-04-20 11:26
Yes this was some years back when I witnessed it. I thought she was made an honorary member of WIRES ? Thought someone bought that up here.
# RE: Conflict of Interest ?wombat 2013-04-20 15:10
Conflict of interest is not dealt with in the Wires Constitution but there may be a policy. It is certainly in the law which covers associations and supervised by the Department of Fair Trading.
Fairy Wren
# RE: Conflict of Interest ?Fairy Wren 2013-04-21 10:03
The Constitution covers the governance, branch set up, internal disputes, displine of members, AGM, voting, quorums, meetings, insurance, WPGF and winding up of WIRES.

WIRES policies cover the nitty gritty and you can have a policy about anything animals, media, WHS, logo, etc. There is a conflict of interest policy, as there is a Volunteer Respectful work place policy (complaint policy) but these are not followed all the time by the Board. Hence why people are upset.

If the policy and Constitution conflict the Constitution trumps the policy.
Bruce Eazy
# Constitution!! Mission Statement! Keystone Cops!Bruce Eazy 2013-04-21 18:33
With due respect Fairy Wren

The problem is that the Constitution is ignored and when it suits the Board the members are denied a right of reply and the Governance is not directed at rescue and care. The members are discriminated against for so little as not liking a personas tone when they complain about cruelty. Or because somebody thought they saw a speck of blood. Nobody from the management cared when I had my arm torn open. Do not assume that when you are speaking to Wires when they call you that you have a private conversation because other parties are on the line. That is why management never take legal action against members because all of this is on public record.
Never mention sickness or old age as the person you are speaking of will be followed up for donation and unless you inform Wires that they have died the begging will continue.
None of the donations and bequests go to animal care that is covered by a donation from the State i.e. Us. We already pay tax to spend what is left on our personal side of caring. The State donate 3% of the funds that come into wires and only 2.75% of that goes to animal care. which is 40-45 cents per animal

The bagging of Spartacus is Generated by those who leach on Wires and need positions to service their own personal needs and insecurities.

It is fair that spartacus gives members a venue to vent their dissatisfaction and point out indiscretion. You cannot do that within Wires. My staff are always welcome to state what is on their mind and that certified me as the best in my industry

"Wires is a bit like Jack and the Bean Stalk. Give them a cow and they turn it into a hand full of beans.
Give other groups a bucket of cow manure and they turn it into several buckets of beans". Is it that Wires wish to control the Giant? Why can't wires be like Gulliver.

When next you see that Spartacus has allowed somebody to denigrate the site just remember in Wires you cannot defend the rights of the animals that you have in care.

Out our way Wires is so depleted that what was 4 years ago a policy to pick up an animal that same day has now become a matter for Police to have to catch animals and retrieve carcasses and dispose of them.

Do yourself and all those poor little neglected creatures a favour and stop look around and do something positive rather than try to stop somebody who is telling the truth and enabling a right of reply. Admittedly there are some who lose the plot that is usually clear to reasonable people.

There is always 2 sides to a story. This site is the other side of the story and those who seek to shut it down have much to fear and lose. This is Australia not Zimbabwe I have a right to be heard and the Wires management and Board are un Australian Un democratic Underhanded.
Ruth Brown
# RE: Conflict of Interest ?Ruth Brown 2013-04-20 16:01
It can be confusing.

HG is a WIRES member (honorary life member) when it suits her and other times also denies she is a WIRES member when it suits her too.
# RE: Conflict of Interest ?MT 2013-04-20 16:44
Sure Wires will protect her and not enquire into the allegations on this site. There are still members on the board that allowed the board member years ago to sell products for a profit. No one ever asked them to reseign. No one was brave enough.
Backdoor Security
# Aha. The afore mentioned Rat in the ranks.Backdoor Security 2013-04-21 18:48
So who now will benefit from trading in native reptiles now that it is legal. This has to have been brewing for years. I smell a rat in WIRES.
# RE: Conflict of Interest ?Onlooker 2013-04-21 11:20
I'm finding it a bit scary that we all (me too) seem to be in a time warp with some of this stuff. It is years since I made that complaint and both the people involved are out of action almost totally, yet we're talking about them and their shortcomings as if it was today. Could we perhaps when posting either stick to current issues or signal that we have unresolved past stuff when we post?
# RE: Conflict of Interest ?member 2013-04-21 19:22
Hi Onlooker, I would be ok to move on if a problem was pointed out and management sorted it our and said a mistake had been made. Problem is WIRES will never say it made a mistake and it looks like it does not bring in a system to make sure a problem does not happen again ie learn by their experiences. If someone is now selling food products for personal profit at training and not telling members then that is what happened before and nothing has been learnt.
Its Time
# saddenedIts Time 2013-04-19 21:57
Hi Bronwyn
I don't see this as wildlife carers 'running one another down'. I see this as wildlife carers giving an opinion on wildlife care standards.
Yes there is no dispute 'we are all trying to do the best thing for the animals'.
And yes there is proof on this site, and other sites, as well as scientific research that other ways are better.
And what evidence do you have that these words are from 'disgruntled members'?
Cheryl B
# MsCheryl B 2013-04-18 17:30
I am sickened by this. If these allegations are true these people (I wont call them carers ) need to be bought up on cruelty charges. Over the last 15 years i have raised over 30 wombats and would NEVER consider releasing a 10 kg wombat, at this size they are still babies.I am so glad i live in Victoria where no group is in control of all carers. I belong to a fabulous group by choice there are some good ones out there. We have training days with people from all areas of wildlife care and management. Who put WIRES in charge if it was government all those that don't agree with their polices need to do something about it. Or all shift to Victoria we need all the carers we can get.
Cheryl B
# MsCheryl B 2013-04-18 17:19
I am sickened by this. If these allegations are true these people (I wont call them carers ) need to be bought up on cruelty charges. Over the last 15 years i have raised over 30 wombats and would NEVER consider releasing a 10 kg wombat, at this size they are still babies.I am so glad i live in Victoria where no group is in control of all carers. I belong to a fabulous group by choice there are some good ones out there. We have training days with people from all areas of wildlife care and management. Who put WIRES in charge if it was government all those that don't agree with their polices need to do something about it. Or all shift to Victoria we need all the carers we can get.
# all too truejennifer 2013-04-17 16:07
Wires has recently updated the Wombat manual and Training material to be presented to its members. The feeding regime has been changed from 6 to 8 feeds per day for furles Wombat joeys down to 4 feeds per day. This is now wires policy along with releasing Wombats at 18 months old or 18kgs.

But, even though this is presented at the courses, Helen George and Gaylene Parker encourage or rather intimidate new carers into feeding any Wombat joey over 1kg just 2 feeds per day. They quote 1 study done on the Southern Hairy nose Wombats, but this study even though it is not conclusive about how many times a mother feeds her joey,clearly states that the Common wombat is months behind its southern cousin in development. Therefore, you would imagine that a small joey would need to be feed more often instead of less.It appears that the mother wombats are doing it all wrong feeding their joeys when they need it.

Wombat carers in the Wingecarribee and possibly the Southern Highlands Branches of Wires are threatened and bullied into following these non wires practices and if they refuse they will not be given Wombats again.It is the same for the release, they must be released at no later than 12 kgs, again a Helen George rule. Mind you Helen George has never paid for membership of wires, she was made an Honorary member by the board.

Another strange practice is that all small wombats must be put in to a singlet and tied up with a rubber band. This means the Wombat can overheat or worse still, it sits in its own wee and poo until it is fed for the second time in a 24 hour period. Wombats hate to be in their own poo or wee, so this must be a very stressful situation for them.

All of this is commonly know by Wires and the Large Mammal teams, but they turn a blind eye in case they offend the "guru's. In the meantime, new carers are taught these barbaric and outdated practices.
Wires is so out of touch when it comes to update information, but would rather save face than admit other carers have an opinion.
Carola Vamvakaris
# Didnt think I could feel sicker!Carola Vamvakaris 2013-04-17 16:14
Putting wombats into a singled tied up with a rubber band is just the be all and end all of torture for these babies.

Four feeds a day for a furless joey of any species is just plain laziness as far as I'm concerned.
Reality Check
# RE: Didnt think I could feel sicker!Reality Check 2013-04-18 20:54
Genuine question - are wombat joeys pouched? If so, would a soft singlet make a good pouch liner either put in loose or held closed? As against just putting them in the singlet as a sole pouch?
Linda Dennis
# RE: all too trueLinda Dennis 2013-04-17 17:05
The information above is really very upsetting. Feeding an unfurred - anything! - only four times a day is absolutely wrong.

The distress any baby animal would feel being tied up for 12 hours is huge. Hygiene is also a big problem.

I shudder to think what else is being incorrectly taught.

Linda Dennis
# Wingecarribee Wires CarerKaren 2013-04-18 16:24
I'm not sure who is spouting this rubbish, but I have been a wombat carer within the Wingecarribee group for 10 years & I find these comments appalling! This is not common practice, I have two pinky wombats in care at the moment who were 252g & 275g when they came into care nearly three weeks ago, they are on 4 hourly feeds as per our large Mamal team manual on raising wombats & under the guidance of Gaylene Parker & Helen George. I plan to make both these ladies know what has been written about them and perhaps they may go down the path of a defamation suit? I have raised numerous wombats over the years & have never been forced to hand any over for release at 10kilos, they are always between 15-18kg and 18 months old, this is also in the large Mamal team wombat guide. I think this person is delusional and probably a disgruntled WIRES member ejected for doing the wrong thing!
Reality Check
# RE: Wingecarribee Wires CarerReality Check 2013-04-18 20:43
I have not seen the macropod or wombat manuals and I would definitely not support anything said by B.A. aka his many aliases, but I do think we need to step back and listen to what an on the ground carer who does have the manuals says. Then check what she says against the manuals themselves. She says - she raises pinky joeys with approval and support; feeds 4 hourly, releases between 15-18 kg. Now check that against the manuals and training material to preserve credibility.
# agreedcurrawong 2013-04-18 20:49
lets see what the manual says- though a lot of people here -prepared to use their real names, have stated they have heard the person named give what is clearly the wrong advice, and sometimes what appears to be quite cruel .
Mr A. appears to be universally reviled; I have never heard of him, but if he has nothing useful to contribute maybe he should desist from comment. Its not too hard to cut and paste the manual contents here; until then I will wait and see
# RE: agreedPeter 2013-04-18 20:55
It doesn't matter whats said in the manuals because no one follows them. When I did WIRES training I was told directly not to follow the manual because they are just what head office thinks. I was also told that vets know nothing about wildlife and if they don't give you the same answer as the Wires coordinator gave then agree with them but ignore them and take the animal to another vet. They are a rubber stamp in effect.

Everyone knows whats in the manuals is not what goes on on the ground. Only the locals know what is really happening locally.
Reality Check
# RE: agreedReality Check 2013-04-18 20:58
If the manuals are right, there is something very wrong with the branch coordinator rather than the training material. There is a real need to train coordinators and hold them more accountable
# dont agreecurrawong 2013-04-18 21:52
Its far too sweeping to say no-one follows them, most of the manuals I have were written or first versions startedin the Chris Lloyd era and have useful information Manuals are only guidelines and anyway I have never been told not to follow them.
you are probably Mr A. stirring the pot again? I can't imagine attending a WIRES course where someone then says don't follow the manual. None of the co-ordinators I know would disregard vets in such a carte blanche manner
# RE: dont agreeSH 2013-04-18 23:01
He is right I had the same things said to me about the manuals and vets. My branch trainers hated the wires training stuff and bitched about it a lot. They told me too not to listen to the vets unless they said exactly what wires says. It was during training so everyone else there heard it too.
# OKcurrawong 2013-04-18 23:14
This was not my experience,I think its OK to raise that many vets don't know much about wildlife, and ring your co-ordinator etc and take it to a vet who can help. this is not the same as saying all vets are useless etc and if that happens to you I am sorry.When I joined wires I found out who was good bad and ugly vet through advice and experience.I am in WIRES and think it dysfunctional but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater etc. maybe I have been lucky with my experience- sounds like a lot of bad stuff has happended to others
# RE: Wingecarribee Wires CarerX-WIRES 2013-04-19 11:07
The WIRES manuals contain a lot of information and is not the main problem. The problem occurs when some carers and the odd coordinator distort this information, add their own variations and dubious practices to suit their purposes and try to pass it off as doing the right thing.

Sure, there are slight variations to suit the local conditions and each animal can vary in growth, personality and performance, the same as with humans but early release and grossly underfeeding the animals as their standard is just plain wrong and cruel.
# RE: Wombats AbusedRosemary 2013-04-16 20:32
for the joeys
# RE: Wombats Abusedfor the joeys 2013-04-16 14:35
There is something really wrong with an organisation that claims in their aim "To actively help and preserve Australian wildlife and inspire others to do the same" and then euthanises animals simply because they are too small.
Its Time
# wombats abusedIts Time 2013-04-16 15:25
This is particularly sick when a photo of a wombat joey is being used to attract donations on the WIRES website.
# RE: wombats abusedMargaret 2013-04-17 06:40
Even worse when the donations are used to pay a private investigator to go after members.
Norma Foskett
# KangaNorma Foskett 2013-04-16 14:31
i have reared a 190 gram wombat to release. don`t tell me they dont do well when released,they are just like any other wild wombat.i was in WIRES for 12 years & left because of what they told us to do OR else.
Carola Vamvakaris
# RE: KangaCarola Vamvakaris 2013-04-16 15:00
Agreed Norma, they do very well if released at the right age and not at 10kg!

If anyone is interested here is a link below to the story of one I raised who is still resident on our property. He doesn't come home to visit anymore but we have seen him out and about.

# MrsRosemary 2013-04-16 17:07
I have only raised 1 wombat but who would be silly enough to release a 10kg wombat.
Robyn Kibblewhite
# RE: KangaRobyn Kibblewhite 2013-04-17 02:28
Totally agree Norma.Did they ever say Thank You for all the hard work and money you put into the animals money out off your own pocket...I bet the answer is NO....
flyingfox  one
# wildlife carerflyingfox one 2013-04-16 13:56
we to left wires because we couldn't stand all the healthy little joeys being euthanized all the time wires dosent car.e
Robyn Kibblewhite
# RE: wildlife carerRobyn Kibblewhite 2013-04-17 02:28
Where is this going to get us we vent our anger is anyone going to go on Wires FB, website and write comments there ..I tried this morning but my comment wasn't accepted so I don't know what went wrong......Has anyone else tried..Helen George hasn't got a website...Otherwise all this is for nothing.......
flyingfox  one
# wildlife carerflyingfox one 2013-04-16 13:41
as many of us are horrified about this shocking treatment of our wombats every animal deserves a chance at life . as a wild life group we have had members rare these little wombat joeys from as little as 195 grams and have made it to release . what are you thinking hellen this is down right cruel.

wires dosent care about our animals

all they think about is euthanisea
# RE: wildlife carerPaula 2013-04-18 15:01
I too raise pinkie wombats, have one now came in at 83 grams, now weighs 1.5 kilo's, why on earth would you want to euthanize a healthy baby, I give them all a chance, if there are carer's out there with the time and skills why would you not be allowed to try and save them.
Makes my blood boil to think 2 women decide what is viable and what is not, to my mind they don't know what they are talking about and should be charged with cruelty and never allowed to have anything to do with wildlife again.
# RE: Wombats AbusedLyn 2013-04-16 09:00
Shame on Wires Euthanising healthy and viable wombats, I my self have raised from 160grms and released, never released under 18 to 20 kg but in lucky situation can release from here as well. Wires needs a big wake up call and get rid of these so called experts and get some new thinking in there and keep up with the times. Thank god I dont live in Nsw
take action now
# RE: Wombats Abusedtake action now 2013-04-16 07:53
Anyone who has seen cruelty to an animal has an obligation to report it to the RSPCA for investigation and if it is wildlife also to OEH. Though there are connections between Wires and RSPCA RSPCA will not put Wires Interests before the welfare of animals. What is being said on this site has to be investigated and RSPCA has the inspectors to do this. Wires won't do anything.
# RE: Wombats AbusedReport 2013-04-16 08:59
Yes agreed creulty should be going straight to the RSPCA as WIRES will only do something depending on who you are.

Members should call the RSPCA or the Animal Welfare League (AWL) and check the criteria of hard evidence they require to take action.
Cheryl B
# RE: Wombats AbusedCheryl B 2013-04-18 19:23
If the RSPCA is anything like the ones we have here they wont do a thing on the wildlife front. All animals great and small not around here if its wildlife they dont give a s###T unless there is a camera crew around
Robyn Kibblewhite
# RE: Wombats AbusedRobyn Kibblewhite 2013-04-17 02:26
Yes I did that to NPWS, 2 joeys with Broken Spines, all they could move were their heads and hands...Guess who came under fire for caring so much!!!!

Yep Me, I was absolutely set upon...So you think you are doing the right thing and you are the one that comes out the worse.

NPWS, an insider told the people what was going to happen.

That's right no joey's in sight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NPWS part of the problem
# RE: Wombats AbusedNPWS part of the problem 2013-04-17 06:38
NPWS is part of the problem as it protects WIRES. It also supports WIRES land grab and policy so that if WIRES can establish a claim no other group can work there. Even if WIREs only has one member in its claim.
Les and Bill @ MCWR
# Poor wombats indeed.Les and Bill @ MCWR 2013-04-16 06:59
We too have heard about the matters outlined in this article and that the events reported are WIRES policy. It is about time something is done about it. By the way, Sally and B. are not Spartacus, we are.
Carola Vamvakaris
# RE: Poor wombats indeed.Carola Vamvakaris 2013-04-16 15:04
You can't be Spartacus, I am!
# The real SpartacusAndrew 2013-04-16 17:53
How wrong are you people I am the real Spartacus.... you will never find out who I am
Robyn Kibblewhite
# RE: The real SpartacusRobyn Kibblewhite 2013-04-17 02:29
Have people noticed on Wires, FB, page they have a baby wombat!!!!!

Also new Training Courses coming up.......
Carola Vamvakaris
# Publishing on FB and websitesCarola Vamvakaris 2013-04-17 06:35
The problem here is that the owners of the page or website have the ability to remove comments.

I would be happy to go on there and say my piece but how long would it stay there for ?
Jillian Jones
# reformwiresJillian Jones 2013-04-16 01:31
Totally disgusted with what I did not finish reading. I can't read really bad things especially when it comes to all our loved creatures. I have no time whatsoever for cruelty to any animal, who is responsible for looking after our wildlife?
Gayle Chappell
# RE: Wombats AbusedGayle Chappell 2013-04-15 17:55
These practices are barbaric. They are unnecessary and cruel to both wombats and carers. What I find disappointing is that the management of wires can not see what is happening. I often find that authority confuses a harshness and disconnection from the animals in wildlife rehab with objectivity and good practice. It is neither. For people who practice biological sciences, that often require a sence of objectivity because animals are sometimes killed and usually treated as objects, that may make sense. So, as wildlife rehabbers our merits are often judged by how easily or frequently we euthanase rather than how hard we try to help an individual. This is the thinking that dominates those who administer the permissions to not only care for wildlife and conserve it, but also to hunt and to cull it. I see most of the larger wildlife groups adopting this thinking because it provides them with a perception of legitimacy in the circles where the power supposedly lies. Wildlife rehab has made many advances in knowledge and practice only because of those that have pushed the boundaries and decided to help and treat an animal rather than euthanase it. Nothing is gained by mindless euthanasia and brutal rehab practices. Having said that, i believe wombat rehab practices can also be too molly-coddling and wombats are often held in captivity for too long, even in urban and semi urban areas in Victoria. Our shelter never contains hand raised joeys. From about 5 kg, we provide them with facilities that allow them to explore freely at their own discretion. Most joeys are sleeping in burrows in the forest between 10 - 15 kgs BUT they are home very night for milk and reassurance. We never push them, each wombat is treated as an individual, and they are usually fully independent at around the 20 - 25 kg mark. Our circumstances, and the habit around us allows us this process. I am surprised the whole viable weight thing is even being questioned, the evidence to the contrary of these euthanasia practices is overwhelming these days. Time wires smartened up.
Emily Small
# Unacceptable.Emily Small 2013-04-15 17:20
This is disgusting behaviour and needs to be addressed. I have personally reared a Joey who was under 200grams.
Carola Vamvakaris
# It is certainly not surprising to hear this!Carola Vamvakaris 2013-04-15 16:07
Not surprised and so glad its being put out there for all to see. Shame on WIRES and as for Helen George, this isn't the first time I've heard of this practice.

Sad part is it's not only the wombat joeys that are being euthanased but viable Eastern Greys and other species at the hands of lazy, cruel and uncaring people.

I along with many others have proof of pinkies being raised to release and living long and healthy lives. I've many here on my property!

About time something got done about it and good on those for standing up against these callous miserable excuses for human beings.
# RE: Wombats Abusedpam 2013-04-15 16:05
Maybe it's about time this was exposed on a tv program. We jump on band wagons about overseas practises and this is worse because it happens in our country, where we are supposed to be civilised, caring people. I have heard disturbing reports about the persons mentioned before. Maybe it's time the axe fell on WIRES and some of the so called carers.
Robyn Kibblewhite
# robbyrooRobyn Kibblewhite 2013-04-15 17:31
It's about time the General Public, is made aware of what goes on behind the scenes..Money public donate DOES NOT GO TO THE ANIMALS, as many people believe it does..When I first joined Wires I had stars in my eyes thinking this is a very caring Org.1Year on I soon saw the ugly don't care side of it.Soon left and have learnt so much more away from them
Fight Back
# Your comments are banalFight Back 2013-04-15 17:45
Hi Robyn,

How much does it cost to run a complex community organisation such as WIRES?

You have no idea, same as most people that don't try to run a group of over 2000+ volunteers provide training, education etc and complying with financial and government regulation.

If RW had the responsibilities and membership that WIRES has, how much would it cost to run?

Go on then, tell us how much money should WIRES have paid you to care for animals? Most members incur costs and they do it out of love for the animals to the maximum degree that they can while they can afford it both in terms of money and time.

When they leave WIRES, most members look back on it as a positive experience that raised their understanding of the natural world they want conserved.

There are about 10,000 of those in NSW.

Then there are the whinging arseholes like ReformWIRES. Do you think dissing WIRES in public and reducing donations is going to make anything better for animals?

Do you understand that WIRES is built on quality volunteers and staff who work very hard to keep a lean operation together through complex issues, weighty regulation and challenging times for any charity. I do and that is why I am glad you have gone elsewhere - people like you lack the internal fortitude to battle through and actually reform anything.

Terri Zarsov
# RE: Your comments are banalTerri Zarsov 2013-04-15 23:13
Re: Your comments are banal – Fight Back

WIRES only conforms with the financial and gov. regulations it chooses to and most of the time ignores its own internal policies and requirements when it suits them.

WIRES training and education is a source of income (profit) from its own members. The compulsory training is overpriced compared to other comparable, some say superior training available elsewhere. WIRES does have some excellent trainers who are very skilled at imparting their knowledge. But there are some other trainers who are just plain ineffectual, trading on their past glory but way past their use by date. As for advanced training, those WIRES carers who do compulsory refresher courses are simply lumped in with those doing their initial species specific course.

“Wires is built on quality volunteers and staff”. What he/she means is WIRES was built on quality … BUT then came along a “crèche of cretins” masquerading as the Board who set about destroying all of that good work, at the same time believing they are doing a great job. Even now, the present Executive of the Board/State Council, in a ‘race to the bottom’ when it comes to standards of care, have completely ignored the advice and recommendations of their own Avian Management Team, allowing any WIRES member to care for birds without specialist training (OEH requirements – only when it suits). Even the addition of new, positive thinking members to both the Board and State Council have been unable to prevent this reckless and damaging action by the Executive of the Board/State Council.

“Volunteers and staff who work very hard to keep a lean operation together”. I’m sure they work very hard indeed as it is not easy to hide $306,000 + of donation money from the members, labelling it as ‘unaccounted expenditure’. Peter Slipper is under investigation for the alleged inappropriate use of $1,000 worth of cab vouchers. And no wonder it is a “lean operation” with that amount of money missing, 16% of the total donations received for 2010-11.

Any positive feelings WIRES members have, be they current or past comes from their love of native wildlife and fellowship with like-minded carers both within and outside of WIRES and in spite of the bungling, overbearing, bureaucratic interference from the Board (crèche of cretins). If it wasn’t for the monopoly WIRES has over the areas it covers, a deal stitched up between WIRES and NPWS in the Stan Woods era, that figure of 10,000 ex members would jump to 12,000 in a flash if they had an alternative organisation they could join.

The problem WIRES has is the Board, not the Members. Get rid of the Board completely and you are a long way towards restoring WIRES to being a more effective and caring wildlife organisation.
ex WIRES member
# RE: Your comments are banalex WIRES member 2013-04-16 23:06
here,here this is so true but I have to disagree on one thing yes the board are corrupt but so are the members that sing their praises and all the Hitlers that just rebel in having positions of control. I also agree there training needs to be looked at you do not get enough information on how to be a competent carer and they do not have advanced courses. NPWS states all animals should be checked by a vet when they come into care and the carers are told it is not necessary because they don't want to pay for vet visits. How can someone that sits in a room and gets rushed through a power point presentation come away with the knowledge and ability to fix our injured wildlife. Try and encourage your group to have better training that is not WIRES based and you are hated on because they think you are dissing Helen George's course which leaves a lot to be desired.
Robyn Kibblewhite
# RE: Your comments are banalRobyn Kibblewhite 2013-04-17 02:18
You do not have quality Volunteer Staff, you have paid staff in Syd.
In the branches you have Volunteers that have to struggle to raise money to feed animals

Most other Wildlife Org's that I know do not have paid staff.

No glossy advertising no fancy cars to run around in.
No huge Introduction Course fee's no huge annual fees.
Courses kept to the minimium cost as they know that most carer are paying for there animals
feed out of there own pockets.

Also why do you have to be such Nazi's, as to what area you belong to so that you can care for Wildlife, whatever area you live in you should be able to choose who you join

It's not as if the Co Ord, of Branches come out and see if you need help you are left to struggle
on your own.....I have learnt so much from outside carers than what I have within Wires..

Why then also tell me is Wombaroo, shoved down the throats of new carer that it is the best when in actual fact there are better milk supplement to use with the same outcome.

If Wires' is such a wonderfull Org why have so many carers left...
Robyn Kibblewhite
# RobbirooRobyn Kibblewhite 2013-04-15 20:59
Who would be game enough to go on TV, if they are a menber of WIRES and it found out all of a sudden you wouldn't be a member.
Sally Freeman-Greene
# WOMBAT ADVOCATESally Freeman-Greene 2013-04-15 16:01
# wombatsdusty 2013-04-15 16:25
Ditto Sally, I have just renewed-hoping it might get better, anyone who is a member should be asking their WSC to explain how this practice has been condoned for so long when from these comments it is apparently no secret
Robyn Kibblewhite
# RobbirooRobyn Kibblewhite 2013-04-15 17:52
What really irkes me with WIRES is there NAZI attitude, if you are in WIREs area you can't belong to another group..
You must join Wires.What a lot of crap.I'd sooner not have a licence as to rejoin Wires, as you get absolutely NO support from members,Especially if you speak up against someone, that wants to putViable animals down..No wonder so many people go underground and raise beautiful animals without any hassle..Plus they can use the milk of there choice.Not be forced to use bloody Wombaroo
Fight Back
# Go onFight Back 2013-04-15 17:47
Why don't you just resign if you are going to campaign publicly against WIRES?
Robyn Kibblewhite
# RE: Go onRobyn Kibblewhite 2013-04-17 02:20
Oh I resigned years ago and only too happy to do it.. Along with most of the members that also did in the Bathurst Group.

I have registered my name not my problem if you can't see it...
Robyn Kibblewhite
# RE: Go onRobyn Kibblewhite 2013-04-17 02:21
The problem with Wire is that you are not suppose to speak out publicly in regards to the Org.

If you do a letter goes to your group and you get the cold shoulder within the group you are not allowed to have an opinion.

I have learnt way more away from Wires than what I did when I was in the group as you have too many closed minded people..

As for wasting money if people want to be on the Council why don't you let the public know you pay for their Airfares to and from Syd plus put them up in Acc, plus a food voucher....I never hear you telling the public that side of it.

Along with the Lawsuit you tried to fit on someone that was suppose to have beeb cruel to a bid in a Course..The absolute $10000, you wasted on that it went nowhere.

But it was the Publics money donated for animals that was wasted on Lawyer Fee's.

So now you want to defend someone that is cruelly treating Wombats..Is it any wonder
we leave Wires, as your attitude for sticking your head in the ground sems to happen a lot..

No wonder we go to The Reformed Wires side as we are fed up with coverup.
Fairy Penguin
# RE: Go onFairy Penguin 2013-04-17 22:38
You are absolutely right Robyn and that is why I too left WIRES some time ago. My only regret is that I didn’t leave earlier.

WIRES has some pretty good training manuals and some equally good trainers, but it is a shame this good work is polluted by the introspective, outdated and opinionated teachings of someone who is on the WIRES Large Mammals Standard Team dispensing a load of nonsensical drivel to keen and eager new carers as well as to her dedicated followers who haven’t got the nouse to think for themselves and form their own opinions.

The benefit of knowledge gained away from WIRES is you are free to source and evaluate the information to build a broader and richer knowledge bank. This is a harder but much more rewarding pathway to follow than what you get from WIRES which is pushback in general, no recognition for any external courses and suppression of any possible alternative points of view and the cancerous attitude that “We’re WIRES, we’re the biggest, we’re the best, we know it all and if you have any doubts, just ask us and we’ll tell you … or crush you”.
Lian Clarke
# MsLian Clarke 2013-04-15 15:45
Shame, shame, shame WIRES. I know several wombat carers and I am sure they are horrified by this news, I know as a Carer I certainly am. I am going to share this story with as many people as I can.
# RE: Wombats AbusedKookaburra 2013-04-15 14:21
This story has been shared among my facebook friends who really do care about Wildlife. Also shared with Facebook groups and others. It has to be told. It is shameful and not what Wildlife CARING is all about.
Sleepy Burrows
# RE: Wombats AbusedSleepy Burrows 2013-04-15 15:43
We have also shared this on Facebook with our followers and asked them to share. Its disgusting.
Maren Goerne
# UnbelievableMaren Goerne 2013-04-15 14:13
This really worries me, and I am so glad that I don't live and care in WIRES country. Disgusting practices. In Tasmania we release wombats at 15 - 20 kg, tending more to the 20 kg mark.I know carers who raised wombats under 200 g successfully - tough work and I was told not to name a wombat until it's 1100 g...
Michele _Phillips
# msMichele _Phillips 2013-04-15 12:03
this is sickening, what is wrong with these people from wires, they train new carers in bad ways and once again the wildlife suffer, it is not humane to euthanise the way they do and I ask who the f do they think they are to make these calls Stop giving wires money they have alot to answer for
Trish Mathers
# not surprised eitherTrish Mathers 2013-04-15 11:55
I am not surprised at all. I am sure one of the macropod manuals I have is from Wires and it recommends releasing Swamp Wallbies at 3kgs (7kgs too early). I also have some of Helen Georges manuals. I will have to go through them now and check what they say.
# voice of reasoncurrawong 2013-04-16 21:15
A lot of talk, digust, 'I heard from so and so' etc, its confusing for the average reader. Is there any proof that the person named -helen george,in this article advocates these practices? Can someone post the section of the WIRES manual with the incorrect information? Has someone who is prepared to go to the RSPCA actually heard this person advocate this as her main method of euthansia?
otherwise it's potentially just a personal vendetta.
DISCLAIMER: I have never raised a wombat, have never heard of Helen George and only heard of B. on this website, and would just like to know the TRUTH as a member of wires and a wildlife carer
Carola Vamvakaris
# voice of reasonCarola Vamvakaris 2013-04-16 21:28
I hear what you are saying Currawong and I am using my real name. I have been a carer for 10 years and have raised and released many of our natives.

I and another member of our organisation would be prepared to go to the RSPCA - if we honestly felt that it would get somewhere.

I was present at the course run by Helen George for our group some years ago when this comment was made. I was the Animal Coordinator at the time and was horrified as I had new members present in this course.

This is not a personal vendetta on my part I can assure you. I am concerned for the animals - that is my main and has always been my main concern. They do not have a voice.

As for the RSPCA, I really don't have a great deal of faith there. An issue some years ago which was left and nothing done even with evidence from a veterinary surgeon etc. I don't wish to go into that here.

This story was published because of the polices that have been adopted by a number of WIRES branches and their teachers regarding the raising of pinkies and viability.

Sadly there are more than a few "wildlife carers" who need re-educating regarding euthanasia policy and the viability of raising pinkies.
# reply to carolacurrawong 2013-04-16 21:53
Thank you for replying, I just wanted to clarify what I have been reading and that it wasn't just scuttlebutt, as has been suggested on OZARK. You seem credible and sadly what you are saying seems right also given the number of other people on here using their real name. I can't use mine- I am wires member. I have made mistakes too, animals have died from inexperience but this seems a different scenario, rather personal opinion taking precedent over the evidence about what works best, and that is sad -only one ultimate loser- the animals. Good luck with yor wombat caring lets hope wires can investigste-I have asked my WSC to report back
Carola Vamvakaris
# your welcomeCarola Vamvakaris 2013-04-16 22:03
Glad I could help a little. My main caring is for Eastern Greys and again they are also caught up in the pinkie debate.


My belief is if you have the time and are experienced and willing to try then give it a go. Obviously there is a size that really isn't viable but I have seen joeys raised from such tiny sizes and then released successfully.

I feel for you being within an organisation that seems to be torn in different directions and hopefully something may get done by bringing this to the surface.

As for making mistakes, we are all human and we generally learn from our mistakes but at least you have the guts and determination to keep going. We need more like you :)
# reply to carolacurrawong 2013-04-16 23:30
thanks for your time and support;many opinions
on here; I am not likely to see a wombat where I live, however that doesnt mean I cant say soemthing about that whole issue. my wires branch is generally supportive, with many caring and knowledgable members, and I have asked my WSC rep about this- I hope for a reply. part of a bigger issue within this organisation and how it has been run for a long time- sad really, I never would have thought this was how it would be when I started
ex WIRES member
# RE: voice of reasonex WIRES member 2013-04-16 23:41
You are right talk amongst people is dangerous but when she does her training she is very anti raising pinkies because she believes it can't be done and openly tells you she has people bring them to her asking her to save them to which she replies yes no worries so they don't get upset by the fact that it will be euthanized and by which method who knows but she is very cold and believes they just need to be fed and left in a dark room this is an animal that has the constant touch and feeding from its mother how is doing this mimicking how a mother raises its young?
ex WIRES member
# RE: not surprised eitherex WIRES member 2013-04-16 23:18
All WIRES animals are released to soon we are told we have to wean and release at 400 days for macs and leave them in a room on their own I mean come on this is mammals we are talking about that need to be loved and nurtured. I have seen WIRES animals that have been released when they are ordered to and as a carer I would be ashamed of myself for not taking a stand and letting them make me do it. The animals growth is stunted and the fur looks like crap a long long way from looking like a baby raised by its mum all good carers know they drink until approx 18 months this early release is just another money saving technique
Carola Vamvakaris
# How Sad!Carola Vamvakaris 2013-04-17 06:45
I have been told of this practice of releasing and very young ages with macropods and it appals me.

If anyone has spent time watching the development and relationship between a mother and her joey you will know that they they are mostly around 18 months old before you start to see them moving away from their mother and not feeding.

There are slight differences in time between species and I am referring to Eastern Greys. Obviously wallabies are different again but releasing too early creates an environment of stress that is not called for.

Money saving because of milk subsidies is just totally stupid. Money has already been spent getting the animal to a certain stage, you may as well continue and do it right or you have just tipped all that milk down the drain.
Sleepy Burrows
# Get it all out there S - behind you 120%Sleepy Burrows 2013-04-15 11:33
We are sadly not surprised. We are truly disgusted but that is a common feeling when hearing anything about this organisation. The likes of Helen George and Gaylene Parker - disgusting in their practices and policies. Wires - even more so for following these and forcing carers to have them in practice.

You only have to look at how they raise, release, monitor, over populate oh how the list goes on and on and these are your 'experts' Wires - they make your organisation even more of a laughing stock.

WHEN WILL YOU TAKE THE TIME TO LEARN ABOUT THESE ANIMALS that you supposedly rescuing and caring for? When will the world finally be sick and tired of your lying, deceit and most importantly BLATANT CRUELTY. And for this you get money in 'support' for what Wires does as an organisation?

And all for money and your feeling of power. What a sad sad group of individuals, we pity you. Your lives must be so empty.

GET OUT THERE AND DO WHAT YOU KNOW IS RIGHT FOR WOMBATS and any other animals of course.
Elizabeth Neville
# SHAME ON YOU WIRESElizabeth Neville 2013-04-15 10:59
I know this is true as well. WIRES need to look at other groups to care for these wonderful animals. Wombats are viable from 100g and there are many carers that would take these little ones.WIRES are always asking for money to help Wildlife,maybe they should do what they sprook. VERY SAD
Rick Kinnison
# RE: SHAME ON YOU WIRESRick Kinnison 2013-04-15 13:52
Exactly right Elizabeth. I agree whole heartedly. Very Sad Indeed!Need to get more info out there about good ones. That at least gives everyone a better option. I couldnt praise the one I belong to highly enough. There are better choices, depending on where you live, that is. The Animals, Deserve Better.
# RE: Wombats AbusedKerri 2013-04-15 10:25
I actually feel like throwing up.
Wombats are in true need of help in general regardless of this report SO how the f--k can anyone ever ever conceive the notion of crushing a skull let alone euthanising viable babies as good practise. It is cruel and vicious and I have to do something. Don't know how or what yet.
Jesus what a horrible article to come across. I am numb. I know someone who spent many hours, days etc writing up protocol for our wildlife. Protocol for DSE and therefore carers to follow and it included viability and so much more. Lets try and get it happening. It will allow action to be taken against vile inhumane and evil people mentioned in this article.
Roz Holme
# ccwr Inc & hospitalRoz Holme 2013-04-15 09:55
I have only just now heard of this ,.and I may add I am not happy at all !! why would anyone put down wombats that dont need to be? when there is a lot of great carers that can take them on,and its sounds like they cant be bothered with them ,I had someone contact me about a mange bub that was put down that could of been saved and then a healthy bub well Im totally disgusted !!!
Linda Dennis
# Poor wombatsLinda Dennis 2013-04-15 09:44

Well done for exposing such shocking practices. I too have heard that wombats have been released at the 10kg mark. Way too small! There is no way that they would survive.

It worries me that carers who are considered by many to be experts in wombat care are giving such poor advice. And it deeply saddens me that so many wombats have been needlessly euthanised.

Please tell me that crushing a wombat joey with your heel is just a sick joke. How could any person be so impossibly cruel?

I think I would be regarded as one of those "nutters" that Jennifer has mentioned. BUT I'M NOT!! :-)

Like Shirley Lack, I am here for anybody who needs assistance with not only wombat care, but wildlife generally.

regards, Linda Dennis.
Its time
# euthanasiaIts time 2013-04-13 20:36
When euthenasia was being discussed I wrote a detailed letter to the then SMC - seems it was totally disregarded - maybe not even presented because our SMC rep took it upon himself to decide whether or not to present the branches opinions on most issues.
an eagle
# RE: euthanasiaan eagle 2013-04-14 12:41
Euthanasia is again being debated Its Time so I hope you will send in your views to the WSC for consideration.
Its Time
# euthanasiaIts Time 2013-04-14 17:25
Sorry eagle - I resigned from WIRES .....for the very reasons that have been highlighted on this site.
an eagle
# RE: euthanasiaan eagle 2013-04-15 06:50
Sorry to hear that Its Time.
Jo Birtus
# MsJo Birtus 2013-04-15 10:16
This is all very disturbing! Good on you for resigning Its Time but where to from here? Are there no alternatives for other carers caught up in this situation? How can H George and G Parker be allowed to get away with this? Are they being widely named and shamed? I am flummoxed to say the least!
# RE: Msrobbyroo 2013-04-15 21:07
I can almost bet if you rang Head Office to voice your concern you will get the run around...I did once when there was a Cull, going on to see what Wires could do to help..Can't help that was the answer..Then everytime I rang after that they asked my nameand lo and behold no one could take my calls
# RE: euthanasiaHoo Roo WIRES 2013-04-15 23:24
There is no point sending any point of view anywhere, be it to the local BMC or to WSC. Fresh approach, ideas or simply common sense are not welcomed.
Why and what is the reason behind the majority of other branches / other wildlife groups keeping their wombat joeys in care until at least 18month and/or even longer?. Did it ever occur to the WIRES Guru’s (Helen George and Gaylene Parker) that there are other amazing carers in and outside of WIRES with similar extensive knowledge and experience but with an open mind who have good and plausible arguments for their actions.
# RE: euthanasiarobbyroo 2013-04-15 21:03
Gee are you surprised!!!!!I wouldn't be
# all too truejennifer 2013-04-13 15:33
This article is spot on. It has been well known for many years of the cruel practices of Helen George when it comes to euthanasia. The latest is to place an unfured wombat joey on the floor and crush its head by using your heel. This method has been discussed at training courses conducted by Helen George and Wires still thinks she is a good representitive to teach new members on the care of large mammals. She is so arrogant in her thinking that she refers to anyone who disagrees with her methods as "those nutters". There is a wealth of knowledge in and outside of Wires when it comes to rehabilitation of large mammals, but unfortunately Wires will not acknowledge anyone but Helen George and Gaylene Parker.Until things change and everyone is entitled to voice an opinion without being referred to as a "nutter" then the wildlife is going to suffer. We are constantly being told it is scientific proof (but this proof is never produced for general reading) to release Wombats at 12kg, but no one has told the natural mother wombat this, who keeps her joeys with her until they are at least 18months to 2 years old. I guess Helen George and Gaylene Parker know better.Wires has also conveniently turned a blind eye to the fact Gaylene Parker, who is no longer a licensed member of Wires or any other group is still rehabilitating large mammals to this day. Why are the rest of us paying for a license and updating our training courses.
Shirley Lack
# Shame on WiresShirley Lack 2013-04-13 10:45
I know these storys to be true, it is very sad and Wires should be ashamed to let this happen, some wombat carers in Wires do know better and many wombat carers do raise great wombats, mostly with the help
of like minded carers from other groups
Marian Worldon
# RE: Shame on WiresMarian Worldon 2013-04-15 13:30
WIRES is getting more & more of a BAD reputation its been going on for yrs & yrs now. Hi Shirley how you going my surname has changed now to my maiden name. They are supposed to be caring for our wildlife not destroying it, half the time I don't think they know what they are doing most of the time.
# Shame on WiresShirley 2013-04-15 21:28
Hi Marian, does your old surname start with E. if it is the Marion I know she was treated very badly by Wires, she was a great wildlife carer who was driven out

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